Atlantis would have nothing on China if this underwater city becomes reality

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If plans go ahead then Atlantis would have nothing on this if an underwater city designed by a Chinese company was to be turned into a reality. The company wants to build a floating underwater city of four square miles and they want to use the same methods that they used in the construction of the 31 mile bridge that is the link between Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai.


[Image Source: AT Design]

The idea for the underwater city came about as a way to minimise the carbon footprint so as to unsure a sustainable future. The company went ahead and commissioned AT Design Office to plan out the whole underwater city before then going into talks with one of the large investor groups in China and they will then decide if they want to go ahead and turn the project into reality. The proposal of the team is to have concrete moulds along with casts made for the hexagonal blocks, which would then be floated out to the site of the project and constructed.


[Image Source: AT Design]

The renderings of the underwater city show a layer above ground along with a layer underwater. The whole idea is that there would be two regions where there would be gardens and greenery along with networks of walkways along with tunnels that would allow the people to get around the city.


[Image Source: AT Design]

Electric cars would be the choice of transport, helping to reduce the amount of pollution, while there would be canals and waterways for boats along with submarine docks. To ensure that the underwater city would be self-sufficient it would have its own hatchery, farm and waste disposal. The designers included an entertainment hub in the city along with hotel and a huge cruise ship port to bring in tourists.

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[Image Source: AT Design]

There is little doubt that the underwater city would take a lot of money to complete as some of the pictures show that some parts would perhaps be too expensive to turn into reality. In actual fact, they could be so much so that they may not make it into the project. Slavomir Siska did say that it would be possible to make the whole of the city if they were to use the techniques that were used when building the bridge. The bridge started construction in 2009 and it is said that it will be completed next year.


[Image Source: AT Design]


[Image Source: AT Design]

One part of that bridge does feature a tunnel that goes underwater and this is joined with a precast concrete box of 150 metres in length. The mega box had to be cast nearby before being floated on water to the site and then connected up. The company will work alongside the engineer who has been asked to work out a plan for the 10 square kilometre floating island, so that it could be made with the same technology.


[Image Source: AT Design]


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