Australian Cliff House concept has its owners over the edge

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In many places around the world, land for building homes is scarce. In Australia, Modscape has come up with a new and different concept for home construction. They have designed a concept for a home with the name of the Cliff House and it hangs on the side of a cliff over the ocean.


[Image Source: Modscape]

The Cliff House concept came about from Modscape who were designing a home for a couple that wanted to build on land they have in Victoria. The architects took inspiration from barnacles and how they cling onto the hull of a ship.


[Image Source: Modscape]

The property would be very challenging to build and as such they came up with the idea of building it in prefabricated sections.


[Image Source: Modscape]

The three bedroomed house would have just a single entrance and this would be via the carport, situated on the top floor of the property. The owners would get to each level of the home via an elevator, one of which would come with an en suite bathroom in the bedroom, a separate bathroom, dining room, lounge, kitchen, spa and an area for a BBQ.

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[Image Source: Modscape]

Due to the position of the house and the fact that it would be built in a location that is so remote, it is thought that it would operate completely off-grid. The architects would have to take many factors into account before making the dream house a reality. This includes concerns over erosion and the structural stability of such a large property along with the cost.

While the render of it does look stunning and there is no doubt that the home would offer some of the most fantastic views out over the ocean, for the time being we are only going to see the home in renders.


[Image Source: Modscape]


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