Australian Man Saved From Arrow Attack by iPhone

An Australian man was saved from an arrow attack by his iPhone.
Jessica Miley
NSW Police

You might be one of those people that say ‘I would die without my phone.’ For one Australian man, his phone has literally saved his life.


According to local news reports, a 43-year old male drove into his driveway where a person known to him was waiting. The assailant was armed with a bow and arrow, and the driver grabbed his phone to start filming when the attacker fired.

Australian Man Saved From Arrow Attack by iPhone
Source: NSW Police

The arrow pierced the iPhone, coming out the other side, but it was slowed down enough so only leave a scratch on the man’s chin. The want-to-be Robin Hood was arrested and charged with assault and damages to property.

The attack took place in the New South Wales Town of Nimbin. Weirdly this isn’t the first time that a smartphone has literally saved someone's life.

Keep your phone close to you

Searching around the world there are a series of reports where gadgets have saved lives.  Back in 2014 an off duty policeperson in Brazil came home to find robbers looting his Mother's house.

The aggressive thieves started firing at the cop, one bullet narrowly missed him, the other was on target for his butt, but was stopped in its tracks by the man's’ Nokia Lumia 520.

The phone which was inside the man's back pockets took the full force of the bullet which caused him no harm. While it was unlikely that he would have died from the bullet wound, it certainly would have caused serious injury.

Smartphones stand up against bullets

In another robbery story, a gas station attendant in Florida survived a violent robbery attempt thanks to his phone. A thief opened fire on the innocent worker after being caught trying to steal goods from the store.

A bullet fired point blank at the attendant's chest was stopped by his trusty Evo 3D which absorbed the majority of the impact. The man survived with only minor injuries.

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Music in a war zone

It isn’t just smartphones that can save your life. One soldier in Iraq credits his Apple iPod with saving his life. US soldier Kevin Garrard tells the story that he and his 3rd Infantry Division was on a patrol in Iraq when they were fired upon by an insurgent with an AK-47.

Shots were returned, and the insurgent was killed. After the patrol was over Garrad tried to play music on his iPod, but it didn’t seem to be working. On closer inspection of the device, there was a bullet lodged in one corner.

Until he examined the MP3 player closely he hadn’t even realized that he had been shot. Of course, he had been wearing full body armor on patrol. But it seems the bullet managed to find its way through or around his armor and into his iPod which was in a pocket.

Seems like the moral of the story is to keep a device of some kind in your pocket at all times. have you ever been saved by a device or gadget?

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