Baby travel made easy with Doona, the next–gen car seat

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If you have children or have ever looked after a child you will know how awkward things can get if you have to take the child out and about. Ok there are many different types of cars seats on the market to help you safely transport your child, there are also many choices of buggy for when you arrive at your destination, however, getting baby in and out of them can be tricky and even more so if you have been shopping and have your hands full. Well soon there will be an easy and better solution; the Doona, a car seat and buggy all in one.


[Image Source: Doona, Amazon]

With the Doona you don’t have to put the child safely in separate car seat and then take the child out and put it in a buggy, as the Doona is an innovative new product that does it all. It is being sold as an integrated mobility solution that is both safe and practical.

The Doona has European certification as a car seat and stroller and has a fail-safe mechanism along with side impact protection and a double walled structure. There are three use modes of the Doona; car seat mode, the pull along mode and the on-the-go mode.


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The team behind the Donna are committed to safety and the product complies with the highest of safety standards and then some. The Doona has received certification as a car seat and a stroller.


[Image Source: Doona, Amazon]

While it acts like the typical car seat, the Doona offers more protection as it comes with what has been termed Anti-Rebound protection. The unique structure of it means allows for the positioning of the handle to go against the back of any seat in the vehicle, with the handle taking any impact and preventing the seat from rotating around to face the back of the car seat.

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[Image Source: Doona, Amazon]

It has more than one fail safe mechanism so as to make it impossible for the Doona to fold up unintentionally. It also cannot extend suddenly and there is prevention for the sudden extension of the handle when carrying it. When on-the-go, there is prevention of rotation of the extended handle while you are on the move.

The double wall structure is unique and it allows the wheels to fold into the body of the Doona and with it comes an additional safety benefit. The two layers are very durable and can absorb impact; there are also additional layers of EPS foam to offer even more side impact protection.

 The Doona is going to be launched into the European market soon in a range of colours, with a price tag of around £299.

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