Balluga: the smart interactive bed that redefines sleep

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The Balluga bed is a smart interactive bed that the maker says will redefine how people sleep. The bed comes from Balluga Limited and was announced at the Gadget Show Live in April after being chosen to take part on the British Inventors Stand. It has a patented air ball system that makes it feel as though you are sleeping on air, with the perfect firmness and at the correct temperature.


[Image Source: Belluga]

The Balluga bed has been nicknamed the 'Future of Sleep' and the man behind it is Joe Katan. The bed started out as nothing more than a concept in 2006 when Katan was often disappointed with traditional beds and their design. Katan found that beds didn’t offer the adjustment he needed and as they aged they got uncomfortable.


[Image Source: Belluga]

While he considered a lot of solutions to the typical bed design, he wanted to make a new bed that would remain like new for its lifespan. The air cell suspension in the Balluga bed is said to do just that. The system can be incorporated into not only any bed, but also sofas and chairs, to offer comfortable seating.


[Image Source: Belluga]

The Balluga bed is not just a bed, it is being sold as an advanced sleep system. It offers the owner firmness control to the highest levels to achieve the ultimate comfort along with support. Traditional mattresses don’t have the layers of air filled cells that the Balluga ones does, which mould to the shape of the human body when laying on them.


[Image Source: Belluga]

Joe then used his design with smart tech and came up with the Balluga interactive smart bed. He combined advanced technology and modern materials to build in massage functions along with climate control, sync with iTunes, ambient lighting and including a projector that can project content onto the ceiling. The sleep system can even be programmed so as to wake up the owner from sleep with projections of idyllic settings onto a wall.


[Image Source: Belluga]

The Balluga bed can be altered for each of the sleeping partners, so that they can choose the best settings to get the best possible night’s sleep. This smart bed will be available later in the year, with pre-orders being taken from November onwards. If you have $1000 to spend you could expect your smart bed to be in your home during the first quarter of 2015.


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