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Changing the design of your bathroom can be a real pain. There are usually multiple holes to drill when you want to hang up cabinets and put up shelves. Of course once you have the mirror on the wall you might decide that it would look better on the opposite wall after all. Now Ronda Design is making life easier as they have designed the Magnetika Bathroom range. Bathroom accessories can now be moved around anytime simply by snapping them into place.


[Image Source: Ronda Design]

The company offer more than just bathroom accessories designed in this way. There are also accessories for the kitchen, office and home available. All of these work in the same way as the kitchen accessories. The snap and click accessories work in that you attach a metal plate over the region that you want to hang things on. When this is on the wall you can attach accessories such as a toilet roll dispenser, mirror or towel rail with magnetics attached to them. The surface of the mirror can also be used for attaching accessories onto up to 5kg.


[Image Source: Ronda Design]

The system used by Ronda Design can be used by people with pacemakers and it doesn’t affect watches as the system has been designed with shielding. If you decide you want the mirror or any other item in a different place you simply prise it from the wall and move it to a new position.

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magnetika-bathroom-rhonda-design-3[Image Source: Ronda Design]

The Magnetika Bathroom panels have been made available in different sizes and choices of finishes and the accessories are available in ice or white and come with a walnut insert that is optional. Never before has designing a bathroom, office or kitchen been as easy.

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[Image Source: Ronda Design]

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