Behind the Scenes of the First Netflix Turkish Series Already Watched by 10 Million People

The Protector is a must see for those who appreciate fresh, original, and authentic content, filled to the brim with great action.
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Turkey's Innovation week is already in full swing. Attracting thousands of visitors including entrepreneurs, investors, academics, students, and media representatives from around the world to Istanbul, the Turkish Exporters' Assembly organized event is a global arena for the latest fascinating developments in areas ranging from artificial intelligence to film. 


The "What are the innovations affecting our daily lives?" panel offered Interesting Engineering some fascinating insights in the newly developed Turkish Series, The Protector. On the engaging panel, series creator Binnur Karaevli gave onlookers insight into working with Netflix and a behind-the-scenes look at the series as well as her predictions on what is to come in the age of the streaming service. 

Behind the Scenes of the First Netflix Turkish Series Already Watched by 10 Million People
Source: Interesting Engineering  

Netflix and the Protector

For the uninitiated, The Protector is the first Turkish Netflix seriesGiven mystical powers by a talismanic keepsake, a young man embarks on a quest to fight shadowy forces and solve a mystery from his past. The show embraces many of the superhero tropes that have been embedded into modern society, whilst merging various aspects of Turkish lore and culture. Check out the trailer below. 

The journey to create this series paralleled the unprecedented rise of Netflix and its ambitious goal to create dynamics, fresh, and authentic content. Taking her love for the superhero genre, Binnur simply proposed The Protector project two years back to Netflix. 

According to Binnur, Netflix immediately embraced the project, excited about Binnur's goals to take the wonderful cultural heritage and rich history of a city like Istanbul and have it on full display in an engaging story. It has been said that 10 million people have watched the series, bringing in viewers from people all over the world, with the leading man Çağatay Ulusoy having a huge fan audience in Latin America. 

To the Future Streaming and Beyond

As hinted on above, a major driving force for creating this series also centered around the diverse history that lays at the backbone of Turkish culture, more specifically, Turkish mythology. Binnur saw an opportunity as the Turkish TV scene has been slow to adapt and create any good superhero series. However, this is just the beginning for Binnur. 

Behind the Scenes of the First Netflix Turkish Series Already Watched by 10 Million People
Source: Interesting Engineering  

During the Innovation Week panel, Binnur discussed her ambitions to create multilingual projects where a lot of languages are involved similar to the Narcos series, creating projects that cover English and Turkish. The rise in popularity of streaming services in Turkey is causing ample opportunity to create great original Turkish content. 

Overall the historic Protector series has been met with amazing feedback, especially those who have grown tired of the melodramatic Turkish series. New and fresh Turkish content like this will change the streaming landscape for the better.  


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