Best Chemical Engineering Schools in the USA

The chemical engineering degree is among the most popular and highly in demand program in schools in the USA, and there are several important factors to consider as priorities before thinking entering a particular university or college program.
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If you’re planning on becoming a chemical engineer one day, you will have to go to school and get an engineering degree. Picking which engineering schools to consider is a very tough choice.

I remember when I had to choose which college is best for me; and no matter what I chose it seemed like there could be another better option out there. Well, in this article I’m attempting to help you figure things out easier and faster.


There are several top schools that offer a chemical engineering degree, while some of them are among the most prestigious engineering schools in the world, there are also several schools that accept students from around the world and give every engineering lover the opportunity to learn.

Is There a Demand for Chemical Engineer?

If you're wondering whether pursuing a chemical engineering degree is worth it, your best bet is to study job market statistics and educate yourself on a year over year growth in the particular sectors you are focused on.


I have good news for you though; a career in chemical engineering is in demand with an eight percent estimated growth rate between 2016 and 2026. Chemical engineering graduates make a starting salary of $64,203, going up to a mid-career salary of $109,070.

Statistics also show that there is high popularity associated with this degree, so taking on this degree is quite fulfilling, while offering the potential for good earnings.

What Should You Look for in a Chemical Engineering School Program?

When you begin to evaluate your top choices of best chemical engineering schools, it's vital that you think about whether this school meets your long term career needs and wants. Not only should every engineering school offer a Masters degree program, but it should also provide the services to support you in continuing your education and career.

Taking a Ph.D. or post-graduate isn’t everyone’s choice but if you’re thinking about its potential then consider this as criteria for choosing the right school for you.

Consider schools that have the career coaching, health counseling, and academic tutoring services you need. I also suggest you choose the bachelors and masters programs that are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology in the United States (ABET).

This will help shape your future career because these programs must meet many education regulations and high standards that have resulted in millions of professional engineers for the global engineering workforce.

Where Can I Take a Chemical Engineering Degree?

A quick search on the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Postsecondary Education website will bring up thousands of schools that offer a chemical engineering degree.

It's important to review all relevant school in your geographical region to ensure you’ve done your due diligence, and also to find out if any of the engineering schools near you are currently offering the degree level you seek. If that’s the case, then you won’t have to move to another state or city.

Most chemical engineering jobs require a Bachelor's degree or higher level of education to get hired. Now, there are many schools in the USA that offer a chemical engineering degree at the undergraduate level, and a few numbers also offer a graduate (masters degree).

The schools on top of the list include Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University and University of California – Berkley (UCB).

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The #1 on this list of chemical engineering schools is MIT. It has been founded 156 years ago and has been declared as the Best Chemical Engineering School in the USA by the QS World University Rankings in 2019.

They have a five-star rating and has achieved the maximum score on research, teaching, facilities, inclusiveness, employability, internationalization, specialist criteria and innovation.

MIT is also famous for their unique and world-class method of teaching in various courses and degrees from arts, architecture design, and linguistics, to mathematics, chemistry, computer science, information systems, and most of all engineering degrees.

Stanford University 

The second university on the list of top chemical engineering schools is Stanford University, which is not only known in the US it is also popular in other countries and has been one of the top choices of students abroad. It is ranked as the second-best chemical engineering school according to the latest list of rankings. They are known for their expertise in Natural Sciences, Life Sciences, and Medicine, as well as Engineering and Technology.

University of California-Berkeley (UCB)

#3 on this list of chemical engineering schools is UCB. This institution is known for the quality and size of its laboratories used for research and libraries. It is also known as “Cal.” Berkeley’s undergraduate and graduate programs consistently place the university on the very best place in the National rankings. Plutonium was discovered in 1941 by two professors working here as well as other elements like californium and berkelium.

Which Schools Offer Post-Graduate Degrees?

You can also further your career opportunities in this exciting engineering field by pursuing a post-graduate degree. There are several of the best chemical engineering schools in the USA that offer post-graduate degrees, this includes the three schools mentioned above, as well as, in no particular order: California Institute of Technology (Caltech), University of Chicago, University of Michigan, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the Ohio State University. Utilize the QS

Final Thoughts

As an aspiring chemical engineer, it's imperative for you to consider which engineering school you end up going to. You have to make sure that they offer a chemical engineering undergrad degree, and ideally a graduate and post-graduate program.

It will also help your career if the school support you with job search by connecting you with industry professionals as well as Internships and Co-op Placements.

But this isn’t a walk in the park for everyone; it requires a step by step plan and the right resources for finding the school that fits you well. By knowing the different factors that impact your career as a chemical engineer, you will find the best engineering schools in the country.

If you have any particular questions, please feel comfortable to reach out to me directly.

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