Best Electrical Engineering Schools in the USA

If you're considering which engineering school to go to so that you can get the best education in electrical engineer, then continue reading this article.
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If you’re thinking about spending four years studying and choosing an engineering school to go to an want to ensure you make the right decision, then consider electrical or electronics engineering as your major.


Electrical and electronics engineers are on their way to career stability and large growth potential to make a higher-than-average income. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, electrical and electronics engineers have an average-to-high job outlook with a 7-percent growth rate between 2016 and 2026.

Electrical engineering has always been recognized as one of the highest-paying engineering degrees and programs with high-level salaries that can exceed $254k per year. Starting a career as an electrical engineer though requires you to first graduate from a good electrical engineering program and get your degree.

Luckily, you can narrow down your list by looking at some of the best engineering schools that have this program. Some of the best electrical engineering schools in the entire world are located right here in the United States.

In this article we’ll look at some of the top electrical engineering schools within the USA:

What Should You Look for in an Electrical Engineering Degree Program?

If you're considering which engineering school to go to so that you can get the best education in electrical engineer, then continue reading this article.


To kickstart your career as an electrical engineer, it is considered helpful to graduate from a big engineering school with a famous brand name. But even more important than that is what you learn in that program, and how you perform.

Your personal efforts and hard work will ultimately be responsible for helping you get a great job and build a successful career.

Other aspects to keep into account, while searching for the right engineering school, are: The school you are considering should offer the complete curriculum that can help you get a job as an electrical engineer; this is often a bachelor of engineering or bachelors of science in electrical engineering degree.

Most electrical engineers need a bachelor's degree to enter the workforce. Also, consider the career services the school offers because that will ultimately help you with getting a job and finding new employment opportunities.

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You should also consider the school's accreditation, especially if your long-term plan is to get your PE License. Some of the best engineering schools in the United States hold an ABET accreditation.

When you enroll in an ABET-accredited engineering degree program, you will receive a high-quality education which will propel you into a strong career in electrical engineering.

Almost every state boards require that you receive an education from an ABET-accredited program to get your license as a professional engineer (PE).

While a PE license isn't required at the beginning of your career when you get your first job, because your official title won’t be Engineer until you get your PE License; though it will surely lead to much more well-paid engineering jobs and higher-level leadership roles.

What are the Best Electrical Engineering Schools?

Some of the oldest engineering schools in the world offer learning opportunities to help you prepare for a career as an electrical engineer. But if you're looking to stay close to home, you can find some of the best electrical engineering degree programs for undergraduates in the United States.

If you're looking to enhance your education and potentially increase your earnings, then a post-graduate educational program in electrical engineering may be right for you.

Here are some of the best electrical engineering degree programs at the graduate level, according to U.S. News & World Report:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 

There are multiple great reasons why MIT is ranked as one of the top schools for electrical engineering in the USA. MIT has a relatively small student-faculty ratio which allows all engineering students to build a strong relationship with their professors and other students.

The engineering program at MIT average 5 to 6 students per faculty member. A smaller student-faculty ratio also makes it possible for individualized teaching and mentoring by faculty. This school also offers opportunities for advanced technological innovation, including MIT’s robotics program.

Stanford University 

Thanks to decades of success in educating top of the line electrical engineers, Stanford University offers future electrical engineers an opportunity to study various subject areas in its electrical engineering program.

With just seven students per faculty member, the electrical engineering program at Stanford University has one of the lowest student-faculty ratios. So, you'll have a better chance of getting more personalized coaching lectures.

University of California-Berkley (UCB) 

The third university on the list of best electrical engineering schools in the USA is the University of California-Berkley (UCB). This university is famous for the quality and size of its engineering and scientific laboratories used for research and development projects.

With 40 research and development centers, the College of Engineering at UCB offers electrical engineering students many unique opportunities to advance their knowledge and education. This includes on-campus facilities where graduate students can live in.

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

 The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a top university in engineering research and development, famous for the variety of programs, academic excellence, and internationally known faculty and alumni members.

The Grainger College of Engineering at Illinois offers engineering students an opportunity to develop their knowledge, and passion for many engineering programs, including electrical engineering.

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Caltech is one of the top engineering schools in the U.S.A.; It has a small student body with just 543 students in its graduate engineering programs. It also has a strong electrical engineering program which is focused on both the fundamentals of electrical devices as well as electrical systems, as well as recognizing the multi-disciplinary nature of the electrical engineering field.

Final Thoughts

By studying electrical engineering, you are working your way toward building a strong career with high earnings potential and more than average job stability.

After starting your career as an electrical engineer, you will have access to many future opportunities for growth. There are many great resources available to you even after you have graduated from university and have started your career.

If you feel like you must further educate yourself to become competitive in your current electrical engineering job, then I recommend you find courses that are thought by experts and professors who teach for a living such as Dr. Michael E. Wysession at Washington University in St. Louis, who teaches The Science of Energy.

But if you haven’t started studying electrical engineering, then it's vital to know which schools fit your needs. The great news is that you can view some of the best electrical engineering schools in the USA.

Make sure to think about the career services each school offers that support your job search needs after graduation, and you'll find the best electrical engineering school for you.

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