Best Engineering Schools in Canada

From the early days of the sustained European settlement in the land we call Canada today, engineers have been able to successfully lay new roads, develop new lands, and build new cities and factories. Canada has built a strong reputation also in offering engineering education. In this article, we'll look at some of the best engineering schools in Canada.
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The best engineering schools are not found in one country only. In fact, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of colleges around the world that offer different engineering degrees. These schools have great accomplishments and have contributed so much to the improvement of society and how people live every day.

For students who are fresh out of high school, or, are just starting to think about going to college, here are a few things to consider.


Choosing the Best Engineering Schools

Choosing an engineering school is one of the major decisions in career and academic life that candidates will experience. It is the first step into becoming an accomplished individual and professional. Engineering schools that stand out to candidates are those with quality teaching and high educational standards.

A candidate should not make decisions rashly when it comes to studying in college. There are factors that must be considered if the candidate is to survive college life. Number one on the checklist is the school’s accreditation. Engineering schools that meet the accreditation requirements for engineering and technology courses will attract more students. Non-accredited schools must be thought of with caution. College is when students decide for themselves and start honing their skills for the long term.

Next on the checklist for when a student is looking for the best engineering colleges is the curriculum. The student should have more than one option in order to proceed. The school’s philosophy and degree programs should match the student’s interests, otherwise, college life will be a struggle.

Then there’s the location to consider as well. Students come from different parts of the world. There are engineering schools that offer international student programs. There are those that only accept local students. It is important for any candidate to consider their location – where they live and where they want to study.

Can they stay abroad? Do they need to be constantly going home over the weekends? And more!

Let’s not forget about the money. College students will want to consider their budget for the next four to five years studying at a school of their choice. Will they have the means to complete the years without worrying about their college bills? Will they need student loans? Does the school offer financial assistance? By knowing about these factors up front, students save the heartache of having to deal with these later on. So a candidate for college should take time, maybe in the early years of high school, to do some research before making decisions and submitting their college applications.

Best Engineering Colleges in Canada

Here are seven of the best engineering schools in Canada:

  1. University of Toronto – this is one of the Universities in Canada that ranks particularly high in research output. It has approximately 73,064 students on record. It was founded in 1827 and was recognized as one of the leading institutions when it comes to learning, research, and innovation.
  2. University of Waterloo – another university with very high research output. It has a total of 36,626 students on record. The university is at the forefront of technology innovation in Canada. It has helped shape the future of its students from 120 countries with its programs.
  3. University of British Columbia – the university has approximately 52,970 students on record. It has very high research output and was ranked at #51 by QS World University Rankings in 2018. The university excels in Geography subjects, Mineral and Mining Engineering subjects, and subjects related to sports.
  4. University of Alberta – one of the Universities in Canada that has contributed much in the economic growth of its province. The university has 31,928 total of students and, like other top-ranked universities, it has a very high research output.
  5. McGill University – another university with very high research output and approximately 29,102 students on record. It is located in Montreal and is one of the most well-known Universities in Canada with the highest percentage of students that have completed their Ph.D.
  6. Université de Montréal – one of the most affordable universities in Canada with less than $2,000 (USD) average school fees. It has very high research output and has a total of 36,386 students on record. It was also rated as the “World’s Best Student City 2017”.
  7. McMaster University – this university is based in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. It has a total of 25,404 students on record. The university has offered ground-breaking engineering education and experiences to its students for more than a century.
Toronto, Canada - A stone sign for the University of Toronto, at one of the university's Downtown Campus locations, with traffic and pedestrians in the background.
Toronto, Canada - A stone sign for the University of Toronto, at one of the university's Downtown Campus locations, with traffic and pedestrians in the background. Source: georgeclerk/iStock

Please note that the rankings may change every now and then. So it is imperative for students when looking for the best engineering colleges in Canada to really spend some time in making their decisions and weighing their options.

Mechanical Engineering Schools in Canada

There are several outstanding engineering colleges in Canada that provide a strong Mechanical engineering program. One of the engineering branches that students feel is worth studying in Canada is Mechanical Engineering. Here are three of the many colleges that offer this course.

  1. University of Ottawa – this university offers almost 500 specializations, including Mechanical Engineering. It has over 150 postgraduate programs. The school boasts of its ability to assist students after graduation to find opportunities outside of school.
  2. Western University – this university has approximately 400 specializations, which covers the engineering field and health sciences. The university is located in London, Ontario. Students looking to graduate two degrees in less time will find this university really appealing.
  3. York University – York University is based in the north of Toronto. It is the third largest public university in the country. It offers 5,000 courses and 11 faculties. The university also boasts of its state-of-the-art facilities.

Whether it is mechanical engineering or other engineering branches or courses that students look for, they can find a university that best suits their interests in Canada. Canada offers many opportunities for local and international students to study engineering in college. For international students, it is best practice to check the specific college requirements and application process to see if they qualify.

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