Best Engineering Websites Every Engineer Should Know About

We have scoured the Internet for you to find the best engineering websites.
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A successful engineer constantly searches for new information and techniques to employ more efficient and economical designs.

Keeping up with the times used to require constant schooling and endless hours spent at university libraries searching through countless papers. Today, through the rise of the internet, the information to improve methods and technologies has never been so accessible.


Now, maintaining a sharp, creative mind requires nothing more than clicking away through the endless archives on the internet. Listed below are the most useful engineering websites that every engineer should have at their disposal - both in and out of school.

Efunda: For Engineering Formulas

Efunda features an incredible directory of all things relevant to engineering. It features an immense array of engineering formulas structured into various categories. It includes formulae for fluid mechanics, composite vibrations, heat transfer and more. Along with it comes a handy Wolfram Calculator able to solve calculus, matrices, and transformations.

Other applications it includes are design tools that help determine the optimal size and materials to construct just about any structure. It is a great site for anyone who loves Greek letters, squiggly lines, or wants to figure out how much weight an I-Beam can bear.

Best Engineering Websites Every Engineer Should Know About
Source: Efunda

The Engineering Toolbox

Engineering Toolbox lives up to its title. As the name suggests, is it a great engineering toolbox. Featuring an impressive array of unit conversion tools, the site easily lets you convert from unit to unit without searching the entire web for a diagram listing the coefficients of linear thermal expansion. Other useful not-so-easy to find charts include adding decibels,  air properties, and other great tools such as its 2D and 3D drawing software.

Best Engineering Websites Every Engineer Should Know About
Source: The Engineering Toolbox


One of the engineering websites targeted more towards engineers already in the field, GlobalSpec offers a useful product and supplier list for any engineering project. Product alert emails are easily configured. The website also has a community section where engineers ask questions and collaborate to help innovate engineering technologies. Also on it is an interesting editorial answering important questions from "What is the Real Cost of an Industrial Robot" to "What Chemical Lab Equipment is Most Popular."

Best Engineering Websites Every Engineer Should Know About
Source: GlobalSpec

Eng-Tips Forums

Exactly as the name suggests once more, Eng-Tips Forums is a global network of engineers who discuss an extensive array of engineering topics. The website holds a range of topics including subjects like aeronautic engineering as well as engineering codes, standards, and certifications. Eng-Tips features a wide variety of content discussion free to view or participate in. Within it also lies many resources including white papers, case studies, and free eBooks. The content goes into depth about what to consider while working with sheet metal, virtual reality applications in manufacturing, and much more.

Its simple interface and useful content make it a website every engineer both in and out of school can benefit from.

Best Engineering Websites Every Engineer Should Know About
Source: Eng-Tips

Discover Engineering

Discover Engineering is one of the engineering websites which is perhaps more targeted towards aspiring engineers, it still provides extensive insight into many engineering disciplines. The website answers what engineering really is and what kind of engineering jobs exist. The site goes on to inspire young minds and give them the insight to show what engineering is all about. Although, the website is far for just kids.

The website features volunteer opportunities for engineers to get involved in with the community. Fit into webinar series, the website offers online training for any engineer looking to get a little more involved.

Best Engineering Websites Every Engineer Should Know About
Source: Discover Engineering

Fun Engineering

Another website packed full of interesting content is Fun Engineering. The website breaks down complicated thoughts and ideas into an enticing and interesting to read way. The website is run by a senior professor who uploads some of the most commonly asked questions about engineering and engineering problems. Its topics include free eBooks about symmetry, an intro to thermal, as well as fun engineering notes and thoughts.

Everything from blogs on engineering notes, research, and other tutorials are available through the colorful website.

Best Engineering Websites Every Engineer Should Know About
Source: Fun Engineering

SME Education Foundation

For any university student, it does not take long for a seemingly insurmountable amount of debt too quickly pile up. Scholarships offer a chance for students to attend university or college who would otherwise not be able to afford the expensive endeavor. Fortunately for foundations like SME, they offer scholarships to students so they can pursue higher education. SME specifically specializes in manufacturing careers.

On their website, they explain who they are and what they have done for the STEM community so far.

The SME Education Foundation inspires, prepares and supports young people in their pursuit of advanced manufacturing career pathways. Through our scholarships and acclaimed PRIME® initiative, we are fostering the next generation of manufacturing engineers and technologists. By helping to build a pipeline of skilled and STEM-capable workers, we are making an impact in securing our nation’s future competitiveness and economic prosperity.

SMEEF's Accomplishments

  • Invested $9 million in youth programs
  • Invested $17.3 million in grants to 35 colleges and universities for the development of industry-driven curricula
  • Provided more than $10.4 million in scholarships and $1.2 million in awards
  • Provided more than $345 million in-kind gifts since 2007
  • Inspired more than 60,000 students to explore a career in manufacturing
Best Engineering Websites Every Engineer Should Know About
Source: SMEEF

Try Engineering

Another fantastic example for engineering websites for those looking to pursue an engineering degree, Try Engineering lists many resources to get an upper hand. Their website helps aspiring minds find the right university for their dream career. It also contains a useful column on becoming an engineer. Also, and maybe a little more entertaining is a game section. The games include Questioneering, Solar Car Racing, Bionic Arm Design Challenge, Design a Parachute, and much more. The games are targeted to provoke ingenuitive thought, a critical tool that all engineers must have.

Best Engineering Websites Every Engineer Should Know About
Source: Try Engineering

An engineer never truly never stops learning. Engineers have a constant thirst for knowledge. Fortunately for the internet, it has never been so easy to access the world's most extensive library/how-to guide on just about everything.


Across the realm of engineering, sourcing the right materials can be tricky, challenging, and even costly when not done right. Matmatch is here to fix that. Targeted to both buyers and suppliers, Matmatch acts as a modern-day dating site for those looking to be hooked-up with the right materials without the issue of ghosting.

Featuring well over 54,000 different materials, Matmatch has attracted well over 1 million engineers each year. Aside, from their extensive network of suppliers, Matmatch also offers extensive thought leadership on emerging trends found throughout the world of engineering as well as information on engineering materials best practices. Be sure you add this on your list.  

If you found these engineering websites useful or have other interesting ones not listed, leave a comment in the comment section below.

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