Best General Engineering Schools Worldwide

So you're finishing up high school and thinking about living and studying abroad, or you're an expat looking to experience academic life, then take a look at the list of the best general engineering schools.
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To help candidates find the best general engineering schools around the world, here’s a list of the top 10 universities that offer college degrees in general engineering courses. Please note that the list is not ordered by global ranking.

The purpose is to show candidates, in different parts of the world, the possible schools where they can study one of the best engineering degrees.

Top 10 Best General Engineering Schools Worldwide

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – an institute based in the USA that has topped the list for years according to Top Universities. Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT is one of the best engineering schools any candidate would love to spend their college years in. Their culture is vibrant and their students enjoy their college life there.
  2. Stanford University – another university based in the USA. There are approximately 16,135 students on record this year. Stanford University is a private school with an average school fee of $46,000 to $48,000 per year.
  3. University of Oxford, United Kingdom – some of the general engineering courses offered at this university are Engineering Science, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.
  4. National University of Singapore – candidates who wanted to study in Singapore may enjoy their stay at the National University of Singapore. It is one of the best engineering schools in the world for a reason. The university heavily promotes leadership and innovation.
  5. ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) – this institute is located in Switzerland. It is a public school with school fees averaging less than $2,000. They are known for their top standard research and their innovation.
  6. Tsinghua University – this is a public university located in China with approximately 36,403 students and 5,716 academic faculty staff. Candidates looking for programs in computer science and engineering can be assured of the quality of education Tsinghua University offers. That’s why they’ve been one of the best engineering schools in the world since 2015.
  7. Delft University of Technology – another top university in the world that’s located in the Netherlands. They offer bachelors, minor, masters, Ph.D., post-academic & professionals, online, honors, and exchange programs.
  8. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – located in Hong Kong, this university offers various options for students in Science and Engineering among other academics. They also offer postgraduate study programs and scholarships.
  9. Technical University of Munich – a university located in Germany. The Technical University of Munich is known as one of Europe’s most innovative universities, making its rank as one of the best engineering schools around the world worthwhile.
  10. University of Toronto Canada. It has been the leading university for intensive research, innovation, and knowledge creation in Canada and around the world for years. They offer a multidisciplinary network for students to learn, invent, and research.

Of course, these are not the only general engineering schools that have been recognized worldwide. There are general engineering schools in the Czech Republic as well as in Japan, among other countries not mentioned in this list.

Choosing the best engineering degrees based on salary

So, which type of engineering would pay the best?

Engineering has been evolving and the salaries of those who have successfully acquired the title of professional engineers have grown through the years. It is hard to say how much salaries would increase or decrease in five years or so, but for an overview of how much engineers are paid, here are some of the best engineering degrees to consider.

  1. Petroleum Engineering has always topped the list with an entry-level base pay of $94,000 and experienced level base pay of $175,500 per year.
  2. Nuclear Engineering promises an entry-level pay of $69,500 and experienced level base pay of $127,500 per year.
  3. Chemical Engineering also comes top of the list with an entry-level base pay of $70,300 and experienced level base pay of $124,500.

How engineering schools are ranked

Like any competition, there are criteria that judges use to determine who or which university will get which rank. Some of the criteria are as follows:

  • Assessments by peers
  • Assessments by corporate recruiters
  • Students’ average test scores
  • Retention and graduation rates
  • Ratios of student/faculty
  • SAT/ACT average scores
  • Acceptance rates of applicants
  • Financial resources

So for every university ranked at the top of the list, this means they offer more or better based on those criteria mentioned.

Which Ivy League has the best engineering program?

Any one of the universities listed above is candidates for the best engineering degrees offered. But to add to that list and give students more options, here are more Ivy Leagues that offer some of the best engineering programs:

  1. The University of California-Berkeley – a university in the USA that has grown from only 10 faculty members to 1,600 and from only 40 students to 35,000. It has started with only three degrees and now offers more than 350 bachelor degree programs.
  2. Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) – located in South Korea. It was one of the top 10 universities in “The Asia University Rankings 2019.”
  3. Fudan University – located in Shanghai China. It is a public school and the first to offer higher education. It is also the first university started by a Chinese founder.
  4. KU Leuven – a university located in Belgium. It is a center for research with an international reach. It is one of Europe’s best universities.
  5. The University of Tokyo – located in Japan. This is the first university established in Japan. It offers various academic courses and activities in all types of disciplines.


Sometimes the outcome in a student’s life is not dependent on whether he/she studied at an Ivy League school. Most of the time, it is his/her personality and choices. All these schools listed here and the projected income for each profession or field in the future are contributory factors to a student’s success after college.


Before starting out in college, each student must assess their skills, passions, interests, and what they’d like to be doing for the rest of their lives after college.

College life is short-lived, meaning, it’s not going to last forever. So the question each candidate should ask himself/herself would be, “What do I want to wake up to each morning for the rest of my life after college?

Of course, engineering is always a good choice, in case anyone wants to know.

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