Best Halloween Costumes for the Scientifically Gifted

Shelby Rogers
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Who says you're too old to dress up for Halloween? Here are some insanely simple (albeit clearly last-minute) science-based Halloween costume ideas for your next Halloween party.


bro-mine[Image Courtesy of NASA]

The right Halloween costume should express an element of your personality, and this element definitely likes to hang out with his bros.

Bill Nye the Science Guy

billnye[Image Courtesy of Bryan Tanner/Flickr]

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

neiltyson[Image Courtesy of Pinterest]


error404[Image Courtesy of HuffPost]

Pumpkin Pi(e)

Take an orange shirt. Print out the Pi symbol. Tape it to your shirt. Poof, pumpkin pi. Bonus points if you add a Starbucks cup to become a Pumpkin Pi Latte. (Yes, we know it's supposed to be "pumpkin spice latte" but that's not nearly as fun.)

Iron-Man (or Woman)

ironman[Image Courtesy of Aggressive Comix]

Graduated Cylinder

Grab your old graduation cap from high school or college. Take a piece of poster board and wrap it around your body. Tape together your poster board cylinder. Draw some lines on it; don't worry, they don't have to be to scale. Put on the cap and voila, you are a graduated cylinder.

Via Pinterest

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