9 of the Best Twitter Reactions on the Chinese Rocket Crash

Because Twitter never ceases to entertain.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Early this morning, the much-anticipated remains of the Chinese rocket, the Long March 5B which was launched last week, reentered the atmosphere over the Indian Ocean, west of the Maldives. The news made headlines around the world and as usual, people rushed to react on Twitter.

Here, we have compiled some of the best and funniest reactions to the rocket crash.

1. The bargaining Tweet

This Twitter user thought it might be wise to offer a sacrifice to the gods of the skies.

2. The irony

This post illustrated the irony of surviving COVID-19 only to be killed by the rocket. We must say they found a great illustration to go with their comment.

3. The out of control rocket

This post says it all. No need to explain.

4. Catching the rocket in a blanket

Now, why didn't the Chinese authorities think of this solution?

5. Waiting for the rocket

Some people made fun of how long it took the rocket to fall and we must admit it was indeed a very long wait.

6. Who's to blame?

Others poked fun at who might be taking responsibility for the crash using a meme of the lovable Steve Urkel.

7. The weather report

Because how better to announce a falling rocket than in a weather report?

8. The opportunist

Others chose to make the best of the situation perhaps by asking China to pay for damages.

9. The opportunist 2

It looks like seeking damages from China was a popular meme!

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