Beware Windows XP Users! The Operating System's Source Code Has Just Been Leaked

Over 1.26% of computer users still run on Windows XP.
Loukia Papadopoulos
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Those still using Windows XP may have cause for worry as the source code for the operating system was recently posted on 4chan, reported Gizmodo. It was posted on the site with the caption: ‘sooooo Windows XP Source code leaked’.


Independent researchers then began looking into the code and found it to be legitimate. This is very worrisome for the 1.26% of computer users that still have Windows XP worldwide (including Vladimir Putin) and the trouble may extend to other operating systems. 

While this recent event can be used for positive purposes (like people using it to create their own variations of Windows XP that can run originally unsupported software), it can also be used for dangerous and nefarious purposes. Why?

Because a source code can be used to find an exploit to hack computers. Even worse, since all Windows operating systems share code to some extent, whatever exploit is discovered in XP may also be used to crack other operating systems such as Windows 10.

What is a 'source code'?

Let's explain it from the beginning. A source code is essentially like a recipe for your favorite meal. Although you enjoy all the benefits of your favorite meal, unless you have the recipe you can't make it yourself. 

If you find out its recipe you could redesign it to be more to your liking. That is what some people may do with the source code. They could for instance use it to make a Mac compatible Windows XP. 

However, finding out a source code may also be compared to knowing for instance how a house operates. Let's say someone wanted to rob you, it would help if they knew what time you would leave the house unattended. A source code provides the equivalent of that information.

That is why you should upgrade as soon as possible. Even if the source code is not accurate, Microsoft hasn't supported XP in over five years making it more vulnerable to exploits. There you have it! Time for an upgrade!

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