BioNTech CEO Shares Photo of His Vaccination After Rumors Persist

Dr. Uğur Şahin also gave some insights into how our battle against the Omicron variant should proceed.
Loukia Papadopoulos
Dr. Uğur Şahin getting vaccinated.Uğur Şahin/LinkedIn

It's common knowledge that social media can be used to spread lies and misinformation. Such is the case with a video circulating of Dr. Ugur Sahin, CEO of BioNTech and inventor of the Pfizer jab.

According to DW, the video shows Sahin on camera and a reporter speaking in English saying: "Allow me a personal question, I know that you are not particularly fond of answering personal questions but you and your wife Dr. Tureci played such a central role in the development of the virus. I have heard that you yourself have not taken the vaccine yet. Why not?"

Sahin answers: "So, I am legally not allowed to take the vaccine at the moment" and proceeds to explain that the vaccinations are given out according to a system of prioritization. This is hardly an incriminating video but it has been doctored to show that Sahin himself has not yet taken the vaccine.

Tired of all the rumors, Sahin has finally responded with a picture of himself getting vaccinated and a lengthy note on LinkedIn. In it, he announces that both he and his wife have received all three shots of the Pfizer vaccine. He further says how he had initially planned to write an update about his firm's early data on the Omicron variant but received a call that changed his mind.

One of his old friends was in the hospital fighting off COVID-19. This old friend had not been vaccinated and although Şahin did not ask why this was the case he was indeed reminded of the crucial importance of vaccination.

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Şahin blamed fear for the refusal of some people to get vaccinated and said he shared his picture in the hopes of fighting off some of that fear and inspiring people to do the right thing. 

"Fear is hard to combat with facts and figures. Sometimes fear can be better defeated by sharing personal experiences. Therefore, to reach out to those who are struggling personally with their fears, I would like to share a picture showing my COVID-19 vaccination in early 2021," Sahin concluded in his LinkedIn post. It's a touching letter we hope will be read and understood by all.

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