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A medical emergency is the great leveler; you either rise to the challenge or crumble. Even recent first aid training can become jumbled or lost in the high stress accompanying a life-or-death situation. With this in mind, a team of students out of China developed a brilliant solution: a life-sized user guide to lifesaving.


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The First Aid Blanket is an innovation, worthy recipient of the esteemed Best of the Best Red Dot Award for a Design Concept. With a full-sized graphical representation of a prone body, the blanket's uncluttered design provides clear instructions for lifesaving CPR in an emergency.

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Assisting the rescuer with the CPR process, the blanket shows each step in a logical pictorial flowchart. From calling for help and identification of signs of life, to clear ordering of the compression-breathing process, the instructions leave no room for error. The folding flap not only shows the proper placement for chest compressions, it also details the rate and amount of pressure that the rescuer should be aiming for. This vital information ensures that CPR is focused and effective, a challenging goal when the first-aider may be panicking.

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Designed specifically to address the issue of drowning in China, the blanket provides easy-to-understand guidance for respondents lacking first aid training. The design team reported that 80 percent of Chinese citizens lack first aid skills. Paired with the statistic that 60 percent of drowning deaths may be preventable if first aid were administered quickly, this elegant solution could have a dramatic impact in waterside applications.

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While this version of the blanket focuses on drowning rescue, the design team are quick to point out that other first aid rescue scenarios could be targeted with future designs. As professional assistance is rarely immediate, the skills of bystanders often make all the difference for a person experiencing a medical emergency.

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