Bling on wheels with the 24k gold bike for a mere $1 million

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Anyone who has passion for bikes along with a passion for bling may be interested in this mountain bike that is made of 24k gold. However you would have to pay out a pretty penny for the privilege of taking to the dirt tracks on this bike, as it comes in with a price tag of $1 million.


[Image Source: The House of Solid Gold]

Mountain bikes are typically bought by those who like to go riding over some of the most extreme terrains, through snow, rain and mud. But would you pay out a cool $1 million to do that on this bike? Unlike the majority of bikes which are built to withstand the rigours of harsh terrain riding, this one has been designed in gold. It is said to be the most expensive bike in the world according to those who built it, The House of Solid Gold.


[Image Source: The House of Solid Gold]

This functional piece of art is said to be one of a kind and has been given the name of The Beverley Hills Edition. It is also called the “fat bike”. The bike has been handcrafted and is overlaid with pure 24k gold. Every single part of this mountain has been coated perfectly thanks to the electroplating process and The House of Gold said that it took more than 750 hours to complete. There are going to be just 13 of these mountain bikes made and offered around the world and each one is going to be tailored to the specific requirements of the customer.


[Image Source: The House of Solid Gold]

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For your $1 million your bike will have The House of Gold logo, which is THSG, and the emblem on the mountain bike will be studded with more than 600 black diamonds, bringing the total amount of carats to 6.0. If this isn’t enough bling on wheels you will also get 500 golden sapphires totalling 4.5 carats.


[Image Source: The House of Solid Gold]

Furthermore you don’t just get any old seat on the most expensive mountain bike in the world. Your bike will come with a brown alligator seat of the finest leather of course.


[Image Source: The House of Solid Gold]

Each of the limited edition bikes will have the signature of the designer and will come with its own number, 1 to 13. You will also get a certificate of authenticity, which will of course prove that you haven’t taken just any old mountain bike and sprayed it with gold paint.


[Image Source: The House of Solid Gold]

But the one thing that we would like to know is, would you dare to take it out of the house and actually ride it?


[Image Source: The House of Solid Gold]

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