Blockchain Virtual City Aether Opens New Possibilities on the Ethereum Ecosystem

Aether, which can be accessed from a web browser, is based on property ownership. Those with ownership are free to interact, control content and create exclusive experiences
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Aether is a virtual city powered by the Ethereum blockchain and is shaped by properties stored on the blockchain. The city also uses blockchain technology to keep records of ownership. Those with ownership of properties can control content and can create exclusive experiences.

This interactive world can easily be reached from a web browser. Aether’s goal is to be the worldʼs largest blockchain-based community.

Anybody can own property

Aether claims to be a platform for personal spaces, communities, shopping, and business where anybody can own a property. It is a network of these properties which are connected through a visualized environment that gives the chances to discover.

The Etherum blockchain powers a smart contract which defines the platform. In the Aether universe, ERC721 tokens are Aether property tokens that define ownership. The tokens have open source addresses and are virtual properties.

The blockchain is informed of the register of properties and accounting functions and this helps ensure ownership security. The contract enables a property to be transferred or auctioned to other users.

Blockchain Virtual City Aether Opens New Possibilities on the Ethereum Ecosystem
A single unit in Aether City. Source: Aether via Medium

In Aether’s virtual world, a unit is the smallest unit of property ownership. This property is defined by its coordinates occupying an area of 10 cubic meters. A unit is actually a part of a building and is adjacent to neighboring units. A unit’s owner will decide its appearance, fills it with content, and can connect the unit to its own domain.

Buildings focal point of Aether

In Aether, buildings are the epicenter of the city and are not meant for investors who are just starting out. This is akin to one person trying to afford to buy an entire building in the real world. These buildings will be auctioned off to investors to raise funds for the project. A building will be defined by its coordinates and size.

The building’s owner will be managing the first unit level. The space of a building is also occupied by a number of units. Its height expands with the progression factor in Aether.

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The building’s space and height determine the maximum number of units that a building can have. A building can have one specific owner, who will create the basic design of the building. The owner will also be able to link the building to its own domain.


The virtual city consists of a certain amount of property which is divided into 3 different classes: districts, buildings, and units. They are placed over 100 times 100 units of space and users can fill properties with applications, collectables, multimedia, and alike.

In Aether City, a district is a property which is defined by its coordinates and size and can hold any number of buildings. A district can also have an exclusive own owner, who manages the district. The owner can have the ability to connect the district to its own domain.

Districts are meant for the division of the city and will be available to community leaders in the future. They are designed as top-level regions not to be released to the public at the time of launch.

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