BMW Creates Promotional Campaign From iX Criticisms, Roasts Users

Do you think the new electric BMW iX looks ugly? Well, it's time to think twice about that.
Deniz Yildiran

Have you ever imagined a leading automotive company would get interactive with you to convince you that their new design is actually nice and you don't like it because you are old? 

Well, turns out companies do speak to people over their taste now. If you didn't like BMW's new electric SUV iX, the marketing department is obviously one to get in touch with you, stirring the pot. 


It all started with their new campaign along with the line of "What's your reason not to change?", clearly presenting a new "changed" BMW design for the iX. People spoke their minds through different platforms all around social media and got their answers, roastedly speaking. Different criticisms have been used in a campaign sneak peek (video below) to promote the new design. So you might have gotten famous if you said that it didn't look okay.  

The process continued, posting different banners with users' ideas on the new design.

Another user said in a humorous way, most probably offending many fanciers, and things heated up with reactions below the tweet followed. It looks like someone has better marketing ideas than the current team of BMW, referring to a classy line for an ex BMW M5 model. 

One of the users took the argument to the next level and clearly implied that he isn't a fan of driving the new iX, saying "Because I don’t want to drive a slit-eyed Allegro with squirrel teeth."

What has everyone surprised is the fact that BMW defends being transparent through their new campaign and wants us to join the conversation.

"We don’t wish to shut down your criticism. Instead, we want to meet you in dialogue. That’s how we achieve a new level of transparency. Together." the statement appears on their website

They also included different question-like criticism where people oppose electric cars and answered some of them on the website. Now, this might be an interactive campaign, but not everyone thinks it's the proper way to do it, it seems.

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