Boeing Announces Software Fix for 737 MAX 8 Finally Ready

After being grounded for more than 2 months, Boeing finally has a software fix for the 737 MAX 8 aircraft.
John Loeffler

Boeing announced today that they have completed the software fix for the beleaguered 737 MAX 8 aircraft.

Boeing Announces 737 MAX 8 Software Fix

In a statement released today, Boeing said that they have finished the software fix for the 737 MAX 8 aircraft, which has been grounded since the middle of March following the crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302, the second such crash in 5 months.


According to the company statement, Boeing is finished with the software fix which they have tested for more than 360 hours over the course of 207 test flights, as well as simulator testing. The software fix still has to be approved by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) before it can be installed on the grounded airplanes.

"Boeing is now providing additional information to address Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requests that include detail on how pilots interact with the airplane controls and displays in different flight scenarios," the statement said. "Once the requests are addressed, Boeing will work with the FAA to schedule its certification test flight and submit final certification documentation."

Boeing had previously announced that the software fix for the 737 MAX 8 aircraft was ready several weeks ago, but had to back away from that after a review of the software fix raised concerns. Boeing hasn't said what those concerns were or whether those concerns had been addressed in this latest update.

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“With safety as our clear priority, we have completed all of the engineering test flights for the software update and are preparing for the final certification flight,” said Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing Chairman, President, and CEO. “We’re committed to providing the FAA and global regulators all the information they need, and to getting it right. We’re making clear and steady progress and are confident that the 737 MAX with updated MCAS software will be one of the safest airplanes ever to fly. The accidents have only intensified our commitment to our values, including safety, quality and integrity, because we know lives depend on what we do.”

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