Book and Bed Hostel Lets You Sleep in the Bookshelves

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If reading is a passion for you, then this hostel might be your heaven. Book and Bed allows you to stay in bunks built inside the bookshelves surrounded by five thousands of books.

Book and Bed became a hostel chain by opening their second branch in Kyoto, Japan after Tokyo. Both spots offer the same dream fulfillment for bookworms: sleeping in a library, filled full of books. The bunks allow for a very comfortable night's sleep.

book-and-bed-6[Image source: Book and Bed]

“I cannot sleep unless I am surrounded by books.”

Writer Jorge Luis Borges would have his best sleep ever if he could see this hostel. And we're sure he's not the only one to have dreamt that up. With around 5,000 books in both Japanese and English selected by the famous bookstore KEIBUNSHA, Book and Bed offers a pretty affordable option for tourists and locals alike.

The hostel was designed by Ai Yoshida and Makoto Tanijiri from Suppose Design Office to satisfy bookworms and literature buff sas they travel around Tokyo or Kyoto. Book and Bed also has a uniquely-engineered shower and stylish Japanese robes that you can buy.

book-and-bed-1[Image source: Book and Bed]

Both locations are pretty close to anywhere that you would like to see as a tourist. Access to public transport is a big advantage as well. They are both centrally located in the Ikebukuro / Tokyo and Gion / Kyoto districts. The one in Tokyo has a good view, as it's located on either the seventh or the ninth floor of a high-rise building. Prices start around $45 each night.

book-and-bed-5[Image source: Book and Bed]

If you meet other bookworms at Book and Bed, you all can sample one of the many types of local beers at the Book and Bed and Beer bar. The only downside of the hotel? You can't buy the books you cozy up to at night. However, you can still take those titles with you and purchase them elsewhere, like KEIBUNSHA store.

book-and-bed-3[Image source: Book and Bed]

While both locations have dozens of beds available, the on-site amenities remain the same. Each bunk has a personal lamp, a private curtain, luggage space under the bed, hanger and power outlets as well. Wi-Fi is free but shampoos, Towels, conditioners, soaps, toothpaste, and toothbrushes are extra, costs around 540 Yen (roughly $4.70 USD).

book-and-bed-2[Image source: Book and Bed]

There is even a compact bookshelf bunk, called the “River View Compact.” It offers a riverside view of the Kamogawa river, while you relax in your bed. If you are lucky enough and staying on the 8th, 18th or 28th days of each month, you can also wear stylish NOWHAW brand robes.

book-and-bed-robes[Image source: Book and Bed]

According to Book and Bed,

"If you’re curious to see what the place is like without using one of their bunks, visitors can stop by for a quiet read on the lounges during the daytime, at a charge of 540 yen per hour, or 1,620 yen for an unlimited period during daytime business hours."

If you like to visit or get further information, check their website linked below, and enjoy your dream!

Via Book and Bed

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