Bosch Just Unveiled That It Creates Lidar Sensor for Autonomous Cars

Unlike Tesla, which doesn't have Lidar sensor, Bosch believes that Lidar sensor is essential in autonomous cars.
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German multinational engineering and technology company Bosch revealed its sensor portfolio for automated driving. 

According to Bosch, Lidar, which is a remote sensing method used by companies for self-driving cars popularly, is an essential element in automated driving.


Thanks to its long-range and a wide field of vision, Lidar offers a very high resolution. 

Harald Kroeger, a member of the board of management of Bosch, said, "We want to make automated driving safe, convenient, and fascinating. In this way, we will be making a decisive contribution to the mobility of the future."

Bosch claims that its long-range Lidar will fulfill all safety requirements for automated driving and enable automakers to integrate the technology into a wide range of vehicle types in the future.

Bosch Just Unveiled That It Creates Lidar Sensor for Autonomous Cars
Source: Bosch

Bosch hasn't revealed too many details about its new system yet but they're sure that its long-range Lidar sensor will be the first solution for the self-driving automotive industry. 

Unlike Tesla, which is the lead in the self-driving cars industry, who doesn't use the lidar system and is contented with the cameras, sensors, and radars it has, is the most popular tool for companies which produce self-driving cars. And, Bosch isn't the only company that's working on Lidar sensors, but it's one of the pioneers.

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Bosch believes that Lidar is necessary in addition to camera and radar to provide sensing of a two-wheeler, say, a motorcycle approaching an automated vehicle at a junction.

Bosch said that its new sensor will be efficient enough to work both in long and close ranges; highways or in the city. 

Harald Kroeger said, "By filling the sensor gap, Bosch is making automated driving a viable possibility in the first place."

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