Bottle Cap Challenge: Our Favorite and Some of the Very Best Challengers

We've taken a look at some of the most viewed, and most interesting bottle cap challenge videos.
Chris Young

We've seen the ice bucket challenge, the mannequin challenge, and the Harlem Shake. Now, the latest viral challenge fad, the bottle cap challenge has taken social media by storm.

It certainly hasn't disappointed when it comes to providing a bit of early morning commute distraction — some of the videos are truly inventive.

But who won the bottle cap challenge?


Our bottle cap winner

We love engineering challenges here at Interesting Engineering, and this is a real head-scratcher.

How does one uncap a bottle with a huge excavator without destroying the bottle itself?

With immense precision it seems:

The tweet, written in Turkish, translates to, "In Gaziantep, a construction machinery company participated in the 'Bottle Cap Challenge,' a trend on social media around the world, with a 22-ton excavator."

Other engineering challengers

Several other machinery and engineering companies and enthusiasts took to the challenge, using elaborate contraptions to de-cap a bottle.

Matsuura used their high-precision CUBLEX-35 for their attempt:

YouTube channel Beyond the Press equally used careful programming and a simple button press to take on the challenge:

The best of the rest

According to Tubular Insights, PUMA is the actual winner of the bottle cap challenge — if the main goal is getting the most views.

Ver esta publicación en Instagram

Best bottle cap challenge we’ve seen, but we gotta get @eloyd11’s mom some PUMA slides. ?

Una publicación compartida de PUMA (@puma) el

The sportswear company amassed more than 2.6 million views only a short time after the fad went viral. They did so with a repost from someone else's IG account.

Jason Statham's attempt got a healthy amount of views, with the famous actor showcasing his athletic abilities:

Company's from diverse industries also tried to get in on the viral action.

Impressively, BMW had one of their cars take on the challenge successfullyYouTube user Rock Stars, similarly, used a rally car to unscrew a bottle cap:

The biggest failure of all the bottle cap challenges you might ask? That award clearly has to go to Ryan Reynolds:

Thankfully for him, and the drink company he's promoting, viewers still lapped it up and it now sits at over 13 million views on YouTube. 

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