Brands Around the World Meme the Monolith and They Are Hilarious

From a phone station to a drive-thru stand, there is nothing this monolith can't be disguised as.
Loukia Papadopoulos
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The mysterious monolith that appeared first in Utah and then in Romania has been making headlines around the world and it goes without saying that brands jumping straight in for a piece of the action. This has resulted in some pretty funny memes and today we'll share our favorites with you.


1. Jeep's rechargeable station

The car manufacturer took the chance to pretend they installed a rechargeable station in the middle of the desert for their loyal customers.

2. McDonald's ordering stand

Want a Big Mac in the middle of the desert? No Problem. McDonald's has got you covered.

3.  The Oreo McFlurry

Quick to jump in on the fun, Oreo said they would order their McFlurry from the new stand.

4. A Budweiser fridge

So that's what the monolith was! A giant fridge full of refreshing Budweisers.

5. An IBM Data Center

IBM just assumed it was one of their data centers and returned home after taking a brief vacation in Utah and Romania.

6. An old-fashioned phone station

Folks at AT&T want us to believe it was an old fashioned phone station allowing lost people to call back home for help.

7. Ordering a cajun fillet biscuit

Finally, last but not least, Bojangles insinuated that the teleporting monolith was traveling around the world looking for a cajun fillet biscuit. We can almost believe them!

Meanwhile, it seems someone has finally stepped up and taken credit for the Utah monolith. A group of artists that refer to themselves as The Most Famous Artist posted pictures of the Utah monolith on their website and social media accounts.

When followers asked "Was it you?" the account answered, "if by you you mean us, yes." Could these artists known for their very popular public relations stunts be behind the two mysterious monoliths? Time will unveil this mystery and we will be following their accounts to find out more.

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