Brazilian Man Upcycles Old Tires and Turns Them Into Adorable Animal Beds

Amarildo Silva Filho used his artistic skills, love of sustainability, and need for money to turn unused tires into habitable beds.
Fabienne Lang

Entrepreneurship usually begins with a small idea, which grows and blossoms into something formidable. 24-year old Amarildo Silva Filho from Brazil created his own animal bed business from a need for money, and to help minimize our world's ever-growing waste issue. 

Silva Filho took unused car tires and used his artistic skills to turn them into comfortable, and cute, animal beds. 


A hobby for sustainability

Silva Filho's project has already been on-going for nearly two years now, and it's still doing well for both him and the animals.

The old tires he uses are picked up from unused lots, the side of the road, or waste disposal areas. These are cleaned thoroughly, cut into the right shape, and then Silva Filho puts his artistic and artisanal skills to use to create cozy, vibrantly painted animal beds.

The idea of using tires sparked because Silva Filho remembered seeing tires being used as animal shelters. It's as simple as that.

Each bed is unique, sometimes with the animal's name printed on the front. 

These beds are then either given to stray animals on the street or sold to animal-owners looking for a comfy spot for their furry friends to rest their heads. 

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More than 6,000 hand-crafted beds have been made in the two years of his operations, and over 500 of these have been sold. An eco- and pet-friendly business!

He's even branched out to create potted plant holders from tires, or play areas for kids. There's a lot that can be done with upcycled tires, as far as Silva Filho is concerned. He's certainly showing us that when a good idea stems from a good place, almost anything can be achieved.

Below are some of his creations. The change from the dark and unused tire to the welcoming pet bed is dramatic and wonderful.

Here the tires have been washed clean and are ready for their next step: being cut into shape.

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After being cut and put in shape, Silva Filho lets his creative side come out. He paints the tires, and sews little mattresses and pillows:

It's a pretty neat final product: 

And look at how happy one of the new owners is!

A couple of more happy pups: 

And some of the other creative uses for the tires work really well: 

There seems to be no limit to what can be created with old tires: 

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