Brewery Develops Edible 6-Pack Rings to Protect Marine Life

Trevor English

Just this week Interesting Engineering helped announce that implementation of the first ocean plastic cleaning device, and together with this new edible six-pack ring, the oceans may soon become a lot less polluted. Plastic 6-pack rings cause a lot of harm to marine life, from turtles getting stuck in them at a young age, to getting caught in the throats of larger animals, they can do quite a bit of damage. In the efforts of solving this issue, one small brewery has created a strong bioplastic that can function as a 6-pack ring and is completely edible to marine life. The video below will take you through a little about the technology.

Saltwater Brewery in Delray Beach, Florida, is the company behind the project, and if it gets picked up by other larger breweries, it may be able to help drastically clean up our oceans. The best part is the bioplastic is created from byproducts from the brewing process like barley and wheat. While the 6-pack rings are intended for consumption by fish, if you get hungry after downing a few cold ones, then you too can munch on the edible rings.

These new rings don't compromise on strength or durability either, but they are a little more costly. However, Saltwater Brewery claims that if other larger companies were to get onboard, then manufacturing costs could be brought down to current levels of plastic alternatives.

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The statistics behind ocean plastic pollution are staggering, and they make it clear that a viable solution needs to be found and implemented. If you want to purchase these bioplastic rings, you're going to have to take a trip to Delray Beach, Florida and give the Saltwater Breweries' tasting room a try.

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