'Bright Green UFOs' Were Spotted in Canadian Airspace

And a military plane may have 'narrowly averted' a collision.
Brad Bergan
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We might not be alone in the universe.

Late in July, one military and one commercial aircraft reportedly spotted a mysterious green UFO glowing in the Canadian sky, before vanishing into clouds rolling over the Gulf of Saint Lawrence on Canada's east coast, according to an initial report from Vice News.

And one of the planes may have narrowly avoided a collision with it.

Canadian military plane may have avoided UFO collision

The initial report to the Canadian government's aviation incident database saw both flights describe a "bright green flying object", which "flew into a cloud, then disappeared." Luckily, the object didn't affect either flight's nominal operations, according to the report. One of the aircraft, a Canadian military airplane, lifted off from an Ontario base to fly to Cologne, Germany. The other, commercial flight has passengers, and was a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight transiting from Boston to Amsterdam. An aviation and shipping researcher named Steffan Watkins examined transponder data from either flight, and observed that the military plane made a steep climb of 1,000 ft (300 m) when it experienced the UFO sighting.

In other words, the Canadian military may have "veered off" upwards to avoid a collision with the UFO, according to a tweet from Watkins. "Yes I know [the UFO sighting] would have been at the early stage of the Perseid meteor shower," he added in a reply to himself, "but don't be a buzzkill." The report to the Canadian aviation had linked the event with a catch-all assortment of explanations, including a meteor, weather balloon, a rocket, but they also included "UFO", although this doesn't mean aliens. Not necessarily.

While the U.S. defense department tracks UFO sightings, its upstairs neighbors in Canada's Department of National Defense don't, according to the Vice report. But this doesn't mean the general populace isn't enthusiastically rapt with excitement when these happen near the border. Back in 2019, a private collector made a hefty donation of 30,000 UFO-adjacent documents to the University of Manitoba, in Winnipeg. These contained information on the Falcon Lake event, which is the most renowned UFO incident in the country. Contrariwise, the Pentagon publicly released a long-anticipated report with more than 140 previously unseen documents on UFO sightings in June of this year.

The Head of NASA believes in aliens

The Pentagon report stated that "most of the UAP [unidentified aerial phenomena] reported probably do represent physical objects," which is the closest the government has come to admitting that an intelligence is behind the phenomenon. Close, but still not aliens. But this (non-)admission was only available in the unclassified report, which was only nine pages long. According to The Guardian, the most substantial entries in the report remain in a classified annex, which ordinary citizens may never see. 

Beyond the U.S. defense agencies, other ones have hinted at the possibility of aliens existing, but no explicit claims have been made either way, as of late. In June of this year, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson declared that he believes we may not be alone in the universe, after he examined the classified pages of the Pentagon report. "I've seen the classified version" of the intelligence report, he said, in a CNN interview. "It says basically what we thought [...] we don't know the answer to what those Navy pilots saw," he added, about the well-known videos documentation of UFOs from the U.S. Navy. While we don't have any answers, and there's no proof that aliens are flying in our skies, there's a high likelihood that they exist, even if they've never been to our planet.

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