Brilliant Mumbai Police Test New Traffic Lights That Stay Red Longer When Drivers Honk

Tired of "honkers" around your neighborhood? India has the solution: These new traffic lights will stay red as long as the drivers keep honking.
Derya Ozdemir
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You all have encountered those people in traffic, they are the "honkers." These people honk at everything, everyone, everywhere, and frankly, they are not ashamed of it. They probably think that by honking they can make the traffic light turn green faster, a behavior much like beating your WiFi router when the internet is slow. However, "honking until it turns green" technique won't be a possibility in Mumbai anymore.

Mumbai, the most crowded city in the world, is understandably also one of the most congested cities. 18,41 million people trying to reach their destinations in unison is what nightmares are made of. The cars whizz by from every direction, and the car horn becomes a tool of survival. However, the noise pollution in Mumbai has gotten so bad that the Mumbai police felt the need to intervene.

The police had a brilliant idea that will stop all the honkers, and thereby, the noise pollution in Mumbai. And if the trend catches on, maybe on Earth?


The project has a very smart and simple name: "The Punishing Signal." They connected decibel meters to a few signal poles around Mumbai. If the decibel levels ever went over 85 dB, the signal would reset and the light would stay red for longer. Genius!

The entertaining video shows the shocked drivers of Mumbai, honking like crazy one second, and being forced into utter silence next.

It is for sure that this project is prone to some chaos until that very magical moment where everyone understands. It is a nightmare to think about rushing somewhere, while some terrible person honks without knowing the rules. Luckily, another concerned citizen had the same train of thought:

And thankfully, the Mumbai police seem to have thought everything. 

The exercises done in November and December are trial runs. The police are discussing how they can implement it across the city, and hopefully, other cities will catch up too.  

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