Bringing Past Forgotten Icons to Life with Giant Cassette Coffee Tables

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Bringing a once dearly loved piece of old technology back to life is Los Angeles-based company TAYBLES making coffee tables out of giant cassettes.

Tayble_02[Image Source: TAYBLES]

The tables are handcrafted integrated with LED lighting powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The tables also feature cupholders and a slot to store magazines or books.

The team who designs and builds the iconic pieces of musics' past is comprised of three young artists/entrepreneurs- Taylor, Justin, and Zach. The idea came about when Taylor was looking for a new medium to work with. With inspiration gathered from past memories of playing tapes in his dad's car, Taylor created TAYBLES- the giant cassette coffee tables that revive old memories. The pieces cater to 'musicians, artists and the young at heart'. One unit sells for about US $1,700 which you can find on their website.

Tayble_03[Image Source: TAYBLES] Tayble_04[Image Source: TAYBLES] cassette[Image Source: TAYBLES] Tayble_06[Image Source: TAYBLES] Tayble_07[Image Source: TAYBLES] Tayble_08[Image Source: TAYBLES] Tayble_01 [Image Source: TAYBLES]

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