British Authority Makes Huge Mistake Letting Public Name Floating Bridge

Shelby Rogers

In what sounds like a sequel to the Boaty McBoatface saga, the British public is again tasked with naming another boat. This time they want to name a new floating bridge 'Floaty McFloatface'.

The Isle of Wight Council took to Facebook to request help in naming its new floating bridge:

"We’ll admit, ‘Floating Bridge number 6’ isn’t the most exciting of names for our new state of the art, modern floating bridge; but it is its registered name. Think you can do a better job of naming her? Now is your chance to get involved and think of something more exciting."

Um, guys, you do remember how this worked out last time, right?

British Authority Makes Huge Mistake Letting Public Name Floating Bridge

[Image Source: Isle of Wight Council/Facebook]

Sure, there might be a few rogue names thrown in. But Puff the Magic Pontoon, Floatwood Mac, or Mind the Gap simply won't cut it.

British Authority Makes Huge Mistake Letting Public Name Floating Bridge

[Image Source: Isle of Wight Council/Facebook]

This new craft will be used to ferry thousands of people -- tourists, international visitors -- during their visits to the area. They even updated their timetable to accommodate for the new floating bridge. A floating bridge that will inevitably be named Floaty McFloatface.

The authorities that be in Britain really need to stop asking the public for its opinion. Or, if they do want the public to participate, they need to take them seriously. There's always the possibility that the Isle of Wight Council ignores the cries of the public for Floaty McFloatface as with Boaty McBoatface. Rather than be completely scrapped, Boaty got shifted from a $300 million project to a trio of autonomous submarines.

If there's any justice in this situation, it's that Floaty McFloatface -- clearly the only real choice here -- actually name the craft for which it was nominated. Reports have surfaced that the council will truly stick with what the public wants.

As of this writing, the Isle of Wight Council's post amassed over 3,100 comments on Facebook. Twitter has slowly picked up steam on the Floaty support.

And don't worry, Floaty McFloatface already has its own Twitter account.

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