Bubbles-the-Bear Is In the Neighborhood to Entertain Kids

A pure design to keep children distracted from the past couple of depressive months.
Deniz Yildiran

As the world is going through a really hard time, it is even more important to keep our mental balance on now. It is natural that people are seeking out different kinds of entertainment, but not in crowded places. And a little fun never killed nobody. 

YouTuber Mr.RC-Cam wanted to get involved in a popular game in the U.S., where you count the most stuffed bears and be the winner

"A distraction from the coronavirus pandemic had to be a good thing." stated Mr.RC-Cam.

The toy is called Bubbles-the-Bear. It is WiFi-enabled with a child-like voice. It is now catching the attention of almost everyone, even if it was just intended for the kids.


Putting all together

He decorated his window with a panda bear visual as he didn't have a toy bear to use. He placed a bubble-maker below the drawing. 

Source: Mr.RC-Cam/RC-Cam

Two arcade gaming buttons were mounted on a wooden utility pole. They send a radio signal to get the Bear to start bubbling when they are hit. The reason why he put two buttons is due to hygiene reasons, apparently for COVID-19. The one above can be hit by the elbow while the one below is to be used by feet. So, no hands are involved. 

Source: Mr.RC-Cam/RC-Cam

The bubble machine was created by a 3D printer in ABS plastic. "Bright garish colors are ideal for this kind of project." the designer added. 

Source: Mr.RC-Cam/RC-Cam

Mr.RC-Cam also tried more than one mixture for soaps. He ended up using Palmolive dish soap, food-grade glycerin, and filtered water. After it stayed overnight to degas, the results were good to go.