Budget Vacuum Elevator Installed in Just a Few Hours

A budget vacuum elevator, which can be installed within a few hours, for a price tag that won’t break the bank.
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Elevators are the perfect way to get about from floor to floor, especially if you have issues with climbing stairs. However one of the biggest issues with installing one in the home is the cost and space needed. This could be a thing of the past thanks to a budget vacuum elevator, which can be installed within a few hours for a price tag that won’t break the bank.

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The Residential Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator has been developed in Argentina and it could be set to revolutionise the market. The vacuum lift could make installing an elevator in your home affordable. It is self-supporting and is made from polycarbonate and aluminium and takes only a few hours to install in the property. The elevator takes up just one square meter of space and it doesn’t need a pit excavating.

On first sight it looks like it has come straight out of a science fiction movie. The hoist way is transparent, with no cabling supporting the cab of the elevator.

4007_40505105424[Image Source: Daytona Elevator]

Daytona Elevator has already installed more than 300 units in properties and says that the lift works on simple laws of physics. In simple terms, the difference in the air pressure above and below the vacuum cab of the elevator will raise and lower the cab on an air cushion. Space may be tight inside the cab of the elevator but it can carry 450 pounds.

The lift is completely safe, despite there being no cables attached to the cab. In the event of a power failure, the cab will stop automatically and lock itself on the next floor.

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DaytonaElevator has installed clever locking mechanisms into the lift and these ensure that the lift always stops right at floor level. Due to the fact that there is no mechanical apparatus, stopping and starting of the elevator is smooth. The company says that thanks to the streamlined design of the elevator it can be adapted to living spaces that are non-conventional, so it fits into many different house styles. The Pneumatic vacuum elevator is not only easy to install in the property, it is also easy to maintain and operate.


[Image Source: Daytona Elevator]

The vacuum elevator consists of three essential parts; these are the hoistway cylinder, the vacuum elevator car and the suction assembly unit.

The hoistway cylinder is transparent and the tube wall has been constructed with polycarbonate curved sheets; made by modular lengths, the tube is easy to fit together. It is airtight and comes with safety magnetic locks. The steel roof provides an airtight core and this comes with air inlets and suction valves.


The vacuum elevator car consists of transparent polycarbonate which has been mounted to a steel frame. An airtight joint on the roof of the cab makes sure that there are normal pressure and air conditions. The anchoring system comes into play on reaching the correct floor; the cab is locked mechanically at precisely the right level.

The suction assembly is flexible so that it may be placed or built in different ways. It can be on the same tube holding the cab or as far as 30ft from the cylinder. The motor is monophase.

There is a braking system on the cab's roof, this will activate in the event of the cab having a sudden return to atmospheric pressure, and this system is made of either a piston or a diaphragm.


[Image Source: Daytona Elevator]

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