How to Build a Luxury Table for Just $30

Trevor English
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If you have ever shopped around for furniture, then you know that sturdy and good looking things can cost you an arm and a leg. One Redditor created a table out of some old 2x4s and a bag of concrete, and the result looks pretty incredible. Luckily for everyone else, he posted an in-depth picture DIY tutorial on Reddit, so you can make it yourself. The whole thing will only cost you US$30, but if you have some of the materials laying around already, then you could make it even cheaper.

wooden pieces[Image Source: Reddit]

You can see above all of the wooden pieces that are needed to make the base. All of these angular cuts will combine to create a teepee-shaped based which you can see below.

assembled base[Image Source: Reddit]

Assembling the base can be done with wood glue or screws, but you want to minimize the amount of hardware that is exposed in the final product. Once the base is complete, you'll need to create a circular form in which you can pour a bag of mixed cement. You may want to add some metal reinforcing mesh to the tabletop, but it is up to you on how strong you want to make the concrete table.

All you need to do is invert the wooden base into the form, and pour the cement in, and let it harden for at least 24 hours. Be careful taking the table out of the form, you certainly don't want to break anything.

build concrete table[Image Source: Reddit]

The end result is a rustic looking table that will last you for years. You can stain or distress the wood in any way you like. For only 30 dollars, this definitely seems like an awesome weekend project to try out. You could even experiment with making matching patio chairs to complete the set!

CONCRETE table[Image Source: Reddit]

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