Bye, Donald Trump's Blog: It Shuts Down After a Month

The failed blog was initially a circumvention of Trump's social media ban.
Fabienne Lang

Former U.S. President Donald Trump's blog has permanently shut down — the same month it went live, reported CNBC.

The blog "From the Desk of Donald J. Trump" went live on May 3 and was a direct response to Trump being banned from some of his favorite social media platforms, Facebook, and Twitter, among others.

The blog has already been swiped clean of any and all of Trump's posts, which can now only be read from Archive.Today. It appears his last post was on May 31.

On the regular social media sites, Trump had significant followings. When he was ousted from Twitter in early January, CNBC reported that the former president had tens of millions of followers, and he had millions more on Facebook. 

In sharp contrast, his personal blog struggled to gather even a fraction of those numbers when it launched, said NBC News, perhaps surprising Trump, the avid social media commentor.

Some people might question Trump's decision to close off his blog, thinking it might be a ruse to get people's attention and sign up for updates. However, his senior aide Jason Miller told CNBC that it "will not be returning," and that "it was just auxiliary to the broader efforts we have and are working on."

In a related mention on Twitter, an unverified source with the username @MrsT106 asked "Perhaps this is a precursor to him joining another social media platform." To which Miller responded "Yes, actually, it is.. Stay tuned!"

So it certainly seems like other plans are in store, there's just no mention as to what that will be. 

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