Cacoon Hanging Tent Lets You Relax Anywhere

Trevor English

hanging tent porch[Image Source: Cacoon]

As we start moving into summer around the world, its time to find a better way to lounge around outside than those old lawn chairs. The Cacoon hanging tent seeks to solve your outdoor comfortability problems, and it can be hung from anywhere in minutes. While it may not look it, this hanging tent can hold multiple adults and kids, offering up the perfect spot to snuggle up with a good book, or just enjoy the outdoors.

red tent in desert tree[Image Source: Cacoon]

The Cacoon can withstand virtually all weather, and it can also be hung indoors or out. Designed with children and adults in mind, this hanging tent can accommodate anyone as well as being incredibly easy to transport on your trips. The fabric that the tent is made of is UV resistant, water resistant, and woven with super-strong fibers so it doesn't rip or tear while in use.

tent on cliff[Image Source: Cacoon]

There are two sizes available, a small, which fits one adult or two kids, and a large, which is big enough for 2 laid out adults. You can order Cacoon from their website where they offer many different options to fit everyone's needs. The standard models are available in green or white, but you can customize the tent per special requests however you want. You can even add a company logo!

hanging tent treehouse[Image Source: Cacoon]

You can hang this tent anywhere that is strong enough to hold it, but make sure you don't treat it as a trampoline because something might break. The prices for these tents range from US$350 to US$500 depending on the size you want. For an innovative piece of outdoor furniture, the price isn't bad, and this tent could make for an awesome trip outdoors.