Cadillac concept car fit for a super hero

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Even if you are not passionate about the Cadillac car, there is no denying that this new concept car from Ondrej Jirec is absolutely stunning and it would fit a super hero right down to the ground. The Czech student behind the concept is studying at the Art Center College of Design in California and you have to admit that the car is something that would like right at home in a Batman movie.


[Image Source: Ondrej Jirec]

The concept car has the name of the Cadillac Estill and Jirec said that the concept is a super car for the future with "links to the history of the Cadillac brand but is not retro."


[Image Source: Ondrej Jirec]

It was said that “the desired result was to create a concept that maintains clues from the history of the Cadillac brand and introduces a futuristic and fresh vision. The history clues were a fuselage suspended between two long body sides – a good example is the 1970 Cadillac Eldorado. Taking this pure form study, stripping down from all details, and taking it as a building theme for the whole concept, those were the main inspiration for the development of this concept.


[Image Source: Ondrej Jirec]

"The interior layout is built around the driver experience. The passenger seat is pushed slightly back so the driver can reach the feeling of being in a true race car, inspired by the Cadillac Le Mans heritage.”


[Image Source: Ondrej Jirec]

Before going to study at the Art Centre College of Design, where he obtained scholarship, the concept car designer worked at Honda R&D in California, Aston Martin in the UK, General Motors and Stile Bertone in Italy; so he sure has a good pedigree when it comes to some first class motor cars. Along with designing the Cadillac Estill concept car he has also come up with other designs, these include the Bugatti Grand Colombier, the Honda Avionic and BMW Sterling 9.

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fbqxl5lgyobrj8dy89tz[Image Source: Ondrej Jirec]


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