Candy 3D Printer Allows You to Print Custom Gummies

Trevor English

Do you love candy or 3D printing? Well, we have found the perfect machine for you. Dylan's Candy Bar, a candy chain in major cities across the U.S. have just installed a 3D printer in their shops which allows you to create and design your own gummy candy and watch it be printed right before your eyes. You can choose between 100 present designs or create your own special customized gummy candy. The 3D printer essentially functions as a hot glue gun that heats up the plant-based gummy mixture and extrudes it out of its nozzle, according to Popular Science. Check out the video below to see the candy printer in action.

There have been 3D printed candies around for a little while, but they, for the most part, have tasted pretty gross. This new candy printer will hopefully create sugary treats that are as delicious as they look. You can choose your own flavor for the candy and draw custom designs, with everything being printed in under 5 minutes. The candies are made with all natural ingredients which means that anyone can snack on them if they make the trip to the store.

This delicious-looking 3D printer will likely be the predecessor to a wider variety of food printers what will ultimately come in the next couple years. You may soon never have to go out to eat to get your favorite meal, just pay for the item and have it printed right in your kitchen.

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CANDY 3D PRINTER[Image Source: Magic Candy Factory]

What do you think of this candy printer? I know I want to make the trip over to the candy shops it's installed in and create my own custom designs. Let us know what you would create in the comments. 

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