Cargo Plane Skids Off Runway and Crashes into Highway

Trevor English
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Pilots of a DHL Boeing 737 cargo plane lost control while landing and skidded off the runway and into a nearby roadway last week. The crash happened at the airport in Bergamo, Italy, late last Friday night. The plane came to a stop after colliding with an overpass and destroying the guardrail. Officials believe that heavy rain in the area was to blame for the plane's inability to stop.

dhl plane crashes[Image Source: Twitter]

After the crash, many drivers began snapping pictures of the plane's nose sticking out on the runway and posting them to social media. No one was harmed in the crash, but the plane is going to be in need of major renovation and rebuild.

While not much damage was caused to the road and plane respectively, the fact that a 737 was blocking a roadway, crews took many days to clean up the debris and open the roadway back up. According to CNN, "Flight BCS 7332 had departed from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and landed early Friday morning at the Orio al Serio Airport in northern Italy."  Following the crash, the airport was shut down as emergency crews were dispatched.

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