Casio Launched a Sleek NASA-Themed G-Shock Watch

Casio unveiled a NASA-themed wristwatch perfect for classic Space-Shuttle-era space enthusiasts. But it's sold out.
Brad Bergan
The photo credit line may appear like thisDW5600NASA20 G-Shock / Casio

Space enthusiasts have a new way to show their love for the Apollo missions — recently passing the 50th anniversary — and the space agency's forthcoming return to the Moon, with a flick of the wrist. Casio has debuted a limited edition DW5600NASA20 G-Shock watch on its website that — as the name entails — works as the perfect performative love-letter to NASA.


Casio's new NASA-themed G-Shock watch

Casio's digital timepiece is a rendition of NASA's "worm" logo (now featured on the Crew Dragon), and the mostly-white case will remind every wearer of the early Space Shuttle era. But there's more.

The EL backlight shows the Moon as background when wearers check the time in the dark, while an etched Moon on the back makes the product pop out wherever it's left.

Packaged in a special tin, the prospective owners will feel like they bought a piece of a legacy American spacecraft — like the Saturn V rocket.

Casio price, NASA appeal

Notably, the watch hides what it doesn't have. Namely — as Hodinkee noted — NASA's requirements for merchandise forbids any component or feature suggesting joint development or official NASA endorsement. Perhaps this is why the signature Casio logo is nowhere to be found on the front — the G-Shock logo and small Casio badge embossed on the back are as close as the watchmaker went to self-advertise.

At $130, the cosmic wristwear is accessible to many, but more than affordability, the challenge lies in availability. Casio already sold out of its initial batch, and new orders aren't due to ship until May 6, as of writing.

However, when compared to the many space-themed mechanical watches — which are upward of tens of thousands of dollars — the G-Shock is a total bargain.

On the G-Shock website (whose prominent "out of stock" icon feels somewhat humblebraggish), the watch is designed to honor "decades of space exploration and groundbreaking discoveries." Like the forthcoming SpaceX joint-mission with NASA to return to the Moon, this watch is an object of exceptional, out-of-this-world appeal.


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