Celebrity Tech Match: Elon Musk admits cage fight with Mark Zuckerberg could go badly for him

With Mark Zuckerberg having trained recently with podcast host, Lex Fridman, Elon Musk is set to begin his martial art training ahead of the much-anticipated billionaire bout.
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Musk vs Zuck cage fight gains momentum
Musk vs Zuck cage fight gains momentum

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In his recent podcast, Lex Fridman published a video of him training with Mark Zuckerberg ahead of the much-anticipated match between the Meta CEO and Twitter CEO.

Watch the Zuckerberg training with Fridman below:

Fridman says that he’s looking forward to training with his long-time friend, Elon Musk, and new friend, Mark Zuckerberg following their public acceptance of a cage match on social media

“I’m excited to see them take on the journey of being a martial artist in their own way. They both run large, successful, impactful companies so they’re super busy. Though, I do believe that there is tremendous value in them practicing martial arts as it will make them better leaders, better human beings, and students of human nature,” Fridman said. 

With both Musk and Zuck seem to be “dead serious” about the fight according to the president of (UFC) Dana White, the fight is gathering momentum globally. In a recent Tweet, White was shown wearing a 'Zuckerberg vs Musk' UFC t-shirt.

Fight gains momentum

The SpaceX founder told Ashlee Vance on Twitter Spaces on Saturday that the proposed cage match between him and Mark Zuckerberg “might actually happen.”

Additionally, Musk said, "I haven’t started training yet. If this does happen, I will train. I spend my time according to what is needed. I don't usually have to fight people, so I don't train therefore physically."

When Vance said that Zuckerberg took such notions seriously, Musk admits that the cage fight could go badly.

Social media users are going into a frenzy analyzing and predicting the outcome of the match as a result of the tech brawl between the two business moguls.

Fridman tweet last week on Thursday caught the audience’s attention. He said, “A jiu-jitsu match between Zuck and Elon would definitely be a fun plot twist in this simulation. I'm all for it.”

“Let’s go full MMA,” Musk replied.

Social media contention

On Sunday, Fridman broadcasted a Jiu-Jitsu training video with Zuckerberg. The podcast host is also a black belt in jiu-jitsu and has been doing it for over 15 years along with judo and wrestling for 10 more.

Lex Fridman’s podcast interview with Mark Zuckerberg published in June this year uncovers his interest in Jiu-Jitsu, rapport with Elon Musk, and talks of a new text-based social media application, Project 92, competing with Twitter.

According to past reports, Project 92 is the root cause of the tech giants' brawl with Musk baiting Zuck on social media.

Zuckerberg told Fridman, "There is a project. I always thought that a text-based information utility is just a really important thing to society. For whatever, reason, Twitter has not lived up to what I would have thought its full potential should be. That probably may be one of the reasons that Elon bought it."

Additionally, the social media tycoon says that Musk led a push early on to make Twitter a lot leaner. A lot of the specific principles that he pushed were trying to make the organization more technical, around decreasing the distance between engineers at the company and him, with fewer layers of management.

"I think those were generally good changes even for the industry," Zuckerberg said.

Zuckerberg further added that he's not a heavyweight guy, therefore, back takes are important and have the most leverage advantage where people's arms are weak behind you.

"I feel like the right strategy is to not commit to any single submission. With that being said, I don’t like hurting people. I think chokes are the more humane way to go than joint locks.”

Let's hop we get a date in the diary soon.

More details on this story as we they develop.

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