CG Studio Imagined How a COVID-19 Outbreak Would Be Like in a Cyberpunk World

Behold! Creepy CyberMonarchy is here with increased quarantine conditions. Stay in line to get your pass, and hope for the best.
Derya Ozdemir

In the wake of the pandemic, we are seeing people helping each other, performing various kinds of ridiculous acts, and artists performing at their peak or lowest. In this case, Russian studio Knife brings a certain look into the cyberpunk dreams or more like nightmares of a COVID-19 future.

Knife is a multimedia studio that specializes in areas such as CG content, 3D mapping, video production, and interactive technology. Whatever you see in their videos, comes out of their hands since they develop all stages of production — from concepts and script to staging the final show, advertisement or video.

Their newest video titled "In Moscow, increased quarantine conditions" where they've forced the limits of CGI effects has gone viral through all social media.

If not for the Half Life-like noises, they would have got us fooled. So, the question is, CyberMonarchy, have you got your pass?


Moreover, they've presented a look into the almost-empty markets of Russia, asking "What happens in your supermarkets?"

Numerous robots waddling around and one certain octopus hanging from the ceiling while playing with toilet papers while a Russian guy speaks indistinctively over the speakers are just so deeply unsettling but exciting at the same time.

Also, it begs the question of: What would an octopus do with a toilet paper? We're guessing they'd need it on land since they actually poo in solid form. 

Moreover, this extremely chaotic one including American rapper and actress Cardi B yelling "Coronavirus! Sh!ts is getting real!" in the background while a man in a hazmat suit punches COVID-19 particles flying in the air deserves a special mention. Yes, it is as crazy as it sounds.

Honestly, after some time in the quarantine, our brains started feeling like this too, so big kudos to the persons behind the video for displaying thousands' mental health in a 10-second video this perfectly. 

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