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A sneak preview of the new Batmobile design for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has recently been revealed, but just as worthy of being the designated ride for the Dark Knight is this Vapour GT supercar design from Swedish design firm Gray Design.They say that it is much more than just a vapourware concept as they are going to sell it as a custom car.


ayhpcw8vknvdedh3al99[Image Source: Gray Design]

Who wouldn’t want to drive around in something that would look right at home with Batman behind the wheel? Fans of the movies would love to own their very own Batmobile looking car. It will certainly turn a lot of heads as it rolls down the streets.

The idea for the car is being presented to people around the world and if anyone takes them up on the idea, it is going to be manufactured and assembled by automotive experts who have worked on such cars as the Bugatti Veyron; so you can be sure that the driving experience offered by this cool looking car will be able to match the visual impact.

v2muqu65uusova634osc[Image Source: Gray Design]

The styling of the car is extreme to say the least and it should have an appeal to the radical enthusiasts of super cars. Every single detail of the car demands attention. The design was created for the Zeus Twelve brand and of course, being a car that looks like this, it is going to be featured in a racing game that is heading to smartphones on iOS and Android.

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siphrvvttxqifsxg5qpr[Image Source: Gray Design]

It has an open design that has strengthened glass aerofoils at both the back and front, along with making an appearance in the intakes at the side and the cockpit. The huge air intakes towards the front along with the scoops situated above the head of the driver ensure that plenty of aspiration is given to the 2.0 litre Supercharged Ford Duratec engine.


[Image Source: Gray Design]

The supercar has been designed in carbon fiber to ensure that is lightweight and it also features the basis of the Caterham SP 300 R chassis, so the curb weight is kept down to less than 900kg. The guys behind its design say that the Vapour GT will be able to fly off the starting line and reach 60mph in 3.2 seconds or less and will reach a top speed of 180mph. While perhaps not as fast as the speeds that the Batmobile typically travels, it is more than fast enough for the average guy on the road.



[Image Source: Gray Design]

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