Check out This Impressive 3D Online Game, Fully Made in ASCII

The game is called Asciicker.
Fabienne Lang

Here's a new moment in computer gaming: a developer has just created an online 3D computer game made only in ASCII — meaning the graphics are made up entirely of colored letters, numbers, and symbols. It's all text but looks like a proper online game. 

Named Asciicker — pronounced as* kicker — the game even has a multiplayer feature.


How does it work?

Similar to most games, navigation is mainly done through your keyboard's arrows, and the spacebar is used as a jumping tool. To take a look at its 3D graphics, the best thing to do is to hold down the Q or E buttons, which rotate the camera, as seen below. 

Check out This Impressive 3D Online Game, Fully Made in ASCII

Pretty neat! And, to think that all those graphics are made up of text, and only text. 

It's still an infant project though, as there is no current storyline or goal to the game. At the moment, the most intriguing part is to follow other players in the game, go and jump in the water or jump on top of trees. However, as every character looks identical, it's tricky to keep track of who is who, or what the storyline is. Regardless of this fact, it's still a neat game. 

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Developer 'gumiks' is the brains behind the experiment, and on Reddit, he explains how Asciicker was built and how he only used Javascript to create it. 

So without using any dev tools, or game engine, 'gumiks' has created this masterpiece. Imagine what he could create if he uses dev tools?

The great news for gamers out there is that he plans to actually create dev tools that will help improve it, add different levels, and assets to the game. 

If you'd like to try it out for yourself, simply click here and explore the world of this cute little game. It looks like many of us out there are also busy doing the same! 

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