Floating island Breakwater Chicago in planning

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If the idea of one businessman from Chicago goes ahead then Chicago could get an artificial island which would be anchored on Lake Michegan , a mile off shore. A Crowdsourcing campaign has begun today for the Breakwater Chicago. It is being called a luxury getaway for the pampering of people from the city in a five star resort.


[Image Source: Beau D`Arcy]

The idea for the Breakwater Chicago is the idea of Beau D`Arcy and the resort complex would measure 300 feet in length by 100 feet in width. It would be located around 1.1 miles from the shoreline in the summer months and in the winter it would anchored at the shore. Along with this, during the winter months it would be covered by a clear dome. The swimming pool of 10,000 square feet has been created so as to create a tropical environment under the roof, it would offer daybeds, loungers, bungalows and cabanas.


[Image Source: Beau D`Arcy]

The team behind the project, led by D`Arcy have been working on the idea for over two years, working on the islands layout. Visitors to the island can swim along with spending the day at the spa and dining in the restaurants and bars, including a “pop-up” restaurant. The pop up restaurant is based on the European and US movement where chefs are invited to offer menus short term and decorate on a theme, when one “pop-up” runs its course, another pops up in its place. There is a sun deck and a nightclub planned for the Breakwater Chicago.


[Image Source: Beau D`Arcy]

The total cost for the design is thought to be over US$20 million, while the Kickstarter campaign has started at a meagre $30,000. The initial funds that are raised will be used by the designer of the island to make an animated 3D video, which will help to generate hype for the project. The 3D video will allow people to take a virtual tour of the floating island.

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[Image Source: Beau D`Arcy]

The team said that if $100,000 is raised it would allow them to software that would allow them to show off a live model, which would mean that people could take a look at renderings via a tablet PC. This would work by you touching the display at the place you want to know more about and the physical model would be highlighted for that area of interest along with showing a fly through animation walking to the place of interest.

The next step in the project would be to go on and design a 1:100 scale model, which should drum up interest and support among architects and communities in the environment. If there is enough interest in the Breakwater Chicago floating island the team behind it hope to have it open for customers to walk through the doors by summer of next year.


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