Chinese Air Force Video Simulates Bombing US Guam Air Base

Bizarrely, Chinese air force used footage from Hollywood movies, including Nicolas Cage thriller The Rock.
Chris Young

China's air force has released a video showing a simulated attack by a fleet of H-6K bombers on what appears to be Andersen Air Force Base on the US Pacific island of Guam.

The video has been spread via Chinese social media platform Weibo, as tensions continue to rise in the region as well as between China and the United States.


China's H-6K, 'the god of war'

The video, first spotted by Reuters, was released on Saturday on the People's Liberation Army Air Force Weibo account. It coincided with a day of drills near Taiwan, which China claims as its territory, thought to have been carried out to express anger at a recent visit of a senior US State Department official to Taipei.

The China air force video is two minutes and 15 seconds long and is, ironically perhaps, set to what sounds like a dramatic Hollywood-style war movie soundtrack.

In fact, as ABC News reports, the video does actually use footage lifted from Hollywood movies — specifically, the 2008 Academy Award-winning film The Hurt Locker, and the 1996 action movie The Rock, starring Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery.

The video, which is called "The god of war H-6K goes on the attack!", shows H-6K bombers taking off from a desert base. The H-6K is the latest model of China's H6 bomber, which itself is based on the 1950s vintage Soviet Tu-16.

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Rising tensions

In what appears to be a provocation aimed at the US, the China air force video then shows an aerial view of the bombers obliterating an air base with the exact layout of Andersen Air Force Base, a U.S. base on the Pacific island of Guam.

The description of the video, translated by Reuters, says, "we are the defenders of the motherland’s aerial security; we have the confidence and ability to always defend the security of the motherland’s skies."

The video, which can be seen within the Reuters footage below, no doubt comes as a warning to the US over potential territorial disputes that could erupt in regions like Taiwan or the South China Sea.

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