Chinese Cloud Computing Firm Designed in Hyper-Futuristic Style

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Cloud DCS is a major player in the cloud and data services market in Guangzhou, China with big-name clients like Alibaba. In order to stand out in the highly competitive digital market, they decided to make their headquarters actually look like a metaphor of the internet, complete with ethereal clouds, swirling metallic shapes and futuristic elements painted in shades of blue. The theme of the project embodies the image of a stream of clouds containing knowledge carried by the winds. They hired Hong Kong-based Arboit Limited and Alberto Puchetti was responsible for translating the futuristic concept into a design reality.

arboit-limited-cloud-dcs-frameweb00-265033_full[Image Source: Dennis Lo from Frame Magazine]

The dynamic nature of cloud systems is expressed by a layered ceiling made of metal panels painted in seven gradients of blue. An enormous painting is printed on the floor, creating the impression of walking on the sky. The shapes of doorways are curved and you'd be hard pressed to find any right angles in the architecture anywhere. Everything appears to have a curved, organic shape, solidifying the ethereal, hyper-futuristic style even more.

clouddcs[Image Source: Arboit Limited]

The headquarters of Cloud DCS has two distinct areas: data server farms and human-centered rooms for staff and visitors. The massive servers are covered up by white material and are not visible to visitors.

Data service companies, for the most part, have been slow to adopt any creative ways to brand themselves. Cloud DCS has definitely set the bar pretty high as far as branding is concerned and their strategy so far has worked.

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After the success of creating this futuristic data center for Cloud DCS, the Arboit Limited architecture firm has been asked to create similar concepts for other clients. Perhaps the idea of “the cloud” will be manifesting in physical ways that no one has quite anticipated.

arboit-limited-cloud-dcs-frameweb07-265058_full[Image Source: Dennis Lo from Frame Magazine]

cloud7[Image Source: Arboit Limited]

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