Chinese Company Times Employees' Toilet Breaks, Gets Roasted

Beijing-based company is accused of trying to control employees through their toilet needs.
Irmak Bayrakdar

Kuaishou, a technology company based in Beijing, China, has been under heavy fire from online users after installing toilet timers over employees' toilet cubicles, seemingly trying to limit the time they spend there. 

The news broke on Friday when a user shared the photos from the inside of the Kuaishou building with the new timers hanging from the ceiling on Weibo. Following the posts, the online community started roasting the company for "violating basic human rights."

No freedom to take a dump

The photos gained attention really quickly, going viral, and circulating around the Chinese Twitter-like social media network Weibo, and angry netizens had some harsh comments for the company.

One user said "Now people don't even have the freedom to take a s***?" and another commented by saying "This is outrageous. They want you to do your work quickly and also take a dump quickly!" Some even went on to say “This is really miserable for workers that there is no toilet freedom."

As increasing productivity is an especially important matter in China, there have been some users supporting the decision as well; one user said "Some people can be on the toilet for up to 30 minutes" per Yahoo.

Shorter toilet breaks, more efficient work

There have been other companies that have tried to get their employees to be more productive by meddling with the toilets, but interfering with a necessary personal activity is seen as harassment by the majority, according to a report by Beijing Daily


However, the company insists that this has been a misunderstanding and that they were trying to help employees with overcrowding and lines in front of the bathrooms with these timers. 

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The company also replied to the netizens accusing the company of trying to control employees and tried to explain the situation as "The fact is that there are currently a limited number of toilets on the site, and there is a serious problem of employees queuing to go to the toilet, but because of the building's construction layout, it is extremely difficult to build new toilet cubicles within the building," in a Weibo post.

"It is not purely to manage employee time but aims to see how many people are using the toilet, and to determine how many portable toilets need to be installed to accommodate staff later," the company statement said. Even after the explanation from the company, netizens are not convinced. 

Though toilet breaks are crucial for everyone working in an office, some employers believe that their employees use toilet breaks to play with their phones or to slack off. Whether controlling an individual's toilet time is right or wrong, you be the judge.