Chinese Engineer Builds 'Iron Man' Jetpack for $100,000

Liu Dongsheng's jetpack suit is the result of a two-year dream project that's still in development.
Chris Young

A man from China called Liu Dongsheng has built a working jetpack suit that greatly resembles the one made by UK-based Gravity Industries.

Impressively, the engineer pulled off his dream project in only two years' time with a relatively small sum of $100,000.

Liu Dongsheng's dream project

Much like the Gravity Industries jetpack, which has recently been tested for speedy emergency response in the Lake District, Liu's suit has a pair of jets fixed to the ends of each arm as well as a fuel tank strapped to the back. 


As per China News Servicethe jetpack has the capacity to reach altitudes of up to 200 meters and can cover five to ten kilometers (approximately 3 to 6 miles). However, for safety reasons, Liu has only gone as high as three meters in tests so far — some of which have seen the Tony Stark-enthusiast strapped to a rope while flying his machine.

Inspired by sci-fi, comics

Liu is, indeed, a fan of "Iron Man" — he says the idea for the jetpack suit was partly inspired by his love for comics and sci-fi movies as a child. 

A video of the suit in action appeared in the accompanying article by state-owned China News Service. You can watch the video of Liu in action below.

Of course, anyone who has even a passing interest in jetpack suits will know that Liu's model isn't the first of its kind in recent years. Gravity Industries, founded in 2017 by Richard Browning, has set several speed records over the last few years.