City Of Science concept brings sustainability to Rome

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Architect Vincent Callebaut has designed a concept of the City Of Science which is his vision for the future of Rome. He would like to transform a large section of land in the Flaminio quarter of Rome into an eco-district at a cost of around US$286 million.


[Image Source: Vincent Callebaut Architects]

The City Of Science concept is a series of renders that show an urban centre that would be sustainable, but the designer has not given much away regarding how he proposes to build the city. However if his concept were to come to fruition it would take over around 21 acres of Rome, which at the moment are home to industrial and military buildings between the Stadio Flaminio and the Zaha Hadid Maxxi museum.

callebaut_rome_science_city-22[Image Source: Vincent Callebaut Architects]

The units currently on site would be turned into indoor gardens and trendy lofts. His concept shows spaces where science exhibits could be hosted, a sports centre complete with football pitch and residential towers with seven storeys. The towers would have a solar canopy along with green roof. The hip and upmarket city would also be home to bars, art galleries and restaurants.

callebaut_rome_science_city-20[Image Source: Vincent Callebaut Architects]

The concept includes lots of greenery, with trees stretching out to the horizon while the facades of the buildings would have edible plants for cladding and the roofs would play home to orchids. The entire city would be pedestrian friendly; any cars would be tucked away from sight in an underground car park.

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callebaut_rome_science_city-17[Image Source: Vincent Callebaut Architects]

The city would be packed with sustainable technology and this includes a system for collecting rainwater for irrigating the private along with public areas. Solar hot water heaters, on-site waste recycling and photovoltaic panels are also part of the plan. The interiors would be passively cooled and the focus of the city is a design that is energy efficient.

callebaut_rome_science_city-15[Image Source: Vincent Callebaut Architects]

At the moment the City Of Science concept is only on the drawing board, but it is a great idea for the future.

callebaut_rome_science_city-14callebaut_rome_science_city-11 callebaut_rome_science_city-10 callebaut_rome_science_city-9 callebaut_rome_science_city-8 callebaut_rome_science_city-7 callebaut_rome_science_city-6 callebaut_rome_science_city-4 callebaut_rome_science_city-3 callebaut_rome_science_city-2 callebaut_rome_science_city-0 callebaut_rome_science_city[Image Source: Vincent Callebaut Architects]

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